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btcl Alaap App

Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited – BTCL’s IP calling software Alaap app is now available in Play Store (Alap App apk version) and istore. ‍Alap app is Governmental calling app to talk on landline and all mobile numbers in the country at the lowest cost.

Moreover, calls can be made with the nominal internet for free from the alaap app to app. Not only that, in the future you can talk outside the country at the lowest rate too.

The advantage of the Alaap ‍app

Although there is a free SMS sending site in Bangladesh and two more free IP calling apps, Brilliant and Amber IT are available, but this free calling app has added some new features. The biggest advantage of the alaap app is the number distribution system.

Common 09696 for everyone and the last six digits of the number will be same of the number you open the alaap app ID.

If the last six digits of someone’s mobile number is 123456, then his alaap number will be 09696123456, isn’t it beautiful? The number is also quite easy to remember or tell someone.

Second advantages of the alaap app: If you do not have the app installed, you can still call me on my alaap number.

The third advantage of the app is the call forwarding system, which means that if a btcl calling app user can’t receive a call (in case he is offline), the call will forward to his sim number. That means there is no chance of missing the call.

Alap IP calling app has become a blessing for those who were upset because there is only 1 SIM in their mobile and no internet SIM facility in Bangladesh.

Moreover, you can call the blocked number by hiding your mobile number.

Some more features of the free calling app:

  • Any call can be auto-recorded
  • Audio, video calling facility
  • Convenience to talk group chats, calls and conference calls
  • If someone is offline, audio or video messages can be sent if needed
  • Location sharing feature
  • The app also has the facility to read news from within the apps in the category of your choice.

The disadvantages of alaap apps

Since it is a new calling app for bangladesh, it may not be right to call it a problem. Although the alaap apk version is fairly accurate, the apps in the iPhone version sometimes come out automatically.

Also, the PIN verification message sent at the time of registration is not coming through the message, but you can get this by receiving the call.

Alaap App Call Rate

  • app to landline – 30 paisa/m.
  • Talk app to mobile number – 30 paisa/m.
  • alaap app to alaap app – free

15% VAT will be applicable with 30 paisa, and the total cost will be 35 paisa.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I don’t have a National ID card. How do I register in the alaap app?

You can register without an ID card, but you will not get the available services for free. So it is better to verify with someone else’s NID.

How many accounts can be made with one ID card?

Only one account you can verify with one NID.

Can I verify with any number abroad?

Yes, you can do it.

How to recharge the Alaap app

BTCL’s alaap app can be recharged in 3 ways;

  • Bkash
  • Nagad and
  • Debit / Credit Card

Last word

BTCL Alaap app is brand new, so many of us don’t know the details yet. Even then, we tried to create the tutorial ourselves with the trial. Hopefully, there will be no more problems with the app.

Our official calling app has come online thinking of the benefits of everyone. Hopefully, it will implement properly.

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