5 Best Domain Hosting Company in Bangladesh

To launch a website, you need a domain and hosting. If you are looking for the best web hosting company to build a blog or website but don’t have any dollar-paying option, then you must go for the best Domain hosting company in Bangladesh where you can through any mobile banking system.

When purchasing web hosting for the first time, many of us experience various problems. Even if you comprehend this, the payment system remains the primary obstacle for Bangladeshis looking to purchase a domain and web hosting from an international company. Because Most of us don’t have dual currency bank cards.

I will never advise you like everyone else, to purchase domain hosting from Bangladeshi Best Domain hosting company even after having the chance to obtain web hosting from an International domain hosting company.

An excellent organization from abroad will charge much more for a Bangladesh web hosting company. But, their superior customer service and fast web loading speed will improve the user experience and that can boost your website traffic.

Now, You might ask me, Why are you writing about the Best domain hosting company in Bangladesh?

The reason for this is that not all of us have access to the best hosting company around the world. When the chance arises, you can transfer your domains and host to a much more reputable hosting provider.

So let’s get to the main subject. There are many Bangladeshi domain hosting companies, but not all of them are compatible. After installing your website on their server, you can run into problems or possibly lose your website due to their lax security. Therefore, you must research the best domain hosting provider in Bangladesh before making a purchase. So, I am here to let you know about the 5 best domain hosting company in Bangladesh.

Best domain hosting company in Bangladesh

We have made this best Bangladeshi domain hosting company list Based on the server, website loading speed, client feedback, and support system. So let’s look at our list of the top five domain hosting providers in Bangladesh.

Best 5 Domain Hosting Companies in Bangladesh:

  1. DianaHost
  2. Xeon BD
  3. Hosting Bangladesh
  4. ITNut Hosting
  5. Boss Host BD

1. Dianahost | Best domain hosting company in Bangladesh

Best domain hosting company in BangladeshDianaHost is a name you must be familiar with. One of the best web hosting companies in Bangladesh employ SSD NVMe hosting servers. More than 11,786 websites currently use Dianahost’s services.

Packages range in price from Tk 1,000 for 500 MB of SSD NVMe storage to Tk 19,000 for 50 GB per year. Cheap shared hosting is another option.

They have a BDIX server which is more useful for a website which has traffic mainly from Bangladesh. It will enhance your user experience by giving a fast loading speed.

A software installer with a free SSL certificate is available. Additionally, there is a daily auto-backup feature.

Dianahost is at the top of my list of the Best Bangladeshi hosting companies based on my own experience. The support staff at DianaHost may be unmatched by any other hosting business in Bangladesh.

online live chat and support tickets make up their two-tier, round-the-clock assistance system.

Every time you knock, you quickly receive a response. Furthermore, there is no requirement that you log into the ticket assistance system to respond.

Dianahost’s monthly payment plan is another useful feature. Any hosting package is available here with a monthly payment plan.

In other words, even with just 100 Tk, you will have complete authority over Cpanel. For those looking to purchase hosting for site creation or development, Dianahost corporate hosting is the Best choice.

Hosting Feature
Auto Backup Yes
Free SSL Yes
Data Center Location Bangladesh

2. XeonBD | BDIX Hosting Company

BDIX Hosting CompanyThe only hosting provider which has its own data centre in Bangladesh. Dianahost and ITNut Hosting have also partnered with their data centre. XeonBD is widely regarded as Bangladesh’s top domain hosting provider.

The websites of Pubali Bank, Asia Bank, Dhaka Metropolitan, and Dhaka University are all hosted by this Bangladeshi finest domain hosting provider business. They have happy customers from other countries in addition to those who are local.

XeonBD was awarded the World Federation of Marketing Professionals’ Brand Leadership Award 2018, which was authorized by the CMO.

The essential features, including auto backups, free SSL certificates, full C-Panel control, and auto backup, are all present with good supporting systems.

Various hosting options are available, including shared SSD, VPS, WordPress, BDIX Server, and cloud hosting. But, XeonBD hosting service price is more expensive compared to other hosting provider companies in BD. Their Shared SSD hosting plan starts from 3000 takas per year.

Hosting Features
Auto Backup Yes
Free SSL Yes
Data Center Location Bangladesh, EU, USA

3. Hosting Bangladesh | Best WordPress Hosting Company in BD

Best WordPress Hosting Company in BDHosting Bangladesh has achieved its place Among the best 5 Bangladeshi domain hosting companies for its specialized WordPress Hosting Plan. Though it offers VPS Server, Dedicate Server, SSD Shared Web Hosting, and Corporate Hosting Package, the company is well-known for its WordPress hosting package.

Hosting Bangladesh is providing domain hosting services to more than 7000 customers. Advanced NVME Server lite Speed Facility, a Free SSL Certificate, an On Click WordPress Installer, Daily Auto-Buckup, and a Monthly Free Backup System are all available here.

With a WordPress hosting package, the default features of Litespeed Cache, Image Optimization, and Lazy Load Images Optimization will improve the loading speed of websites.

This website’s help system is likewise highly sophisticated. However, logging into the account to contact the ticket assistance system is the issue I have found.

For just 950 tk you will get a 5GB storage disk and 6750 tk will be charged for an unlimited storage disk.

Hosting Bangladesh Features
Auto Backup Yes
Free SSL Yes
Data Center Location Europe, USA, Singapore

4. ITNUT Hosting | Best Light Speed ​​Bangladeshi Hosting Company

Best Light Speed ​​Bangladeshi Hosting CompanyFor Bangladeshis, ITNuT Hosting is renowned for its fast page loading speed. With its modest beginnings in 2014, this Bangladeshi hosting firm has grown to achieve a place in the top 5 Bangladeshi hosting companies for its service and integrity.

Data centres for ITNut Hosting are spread throughout the US. You will also be impressed by this hosting company’s support system.

You will get auto Backup, On-Click Software Installer, Basic Free SSL Certificate, and a 99.99% Uptime Guarantee from this Bangladeshi hosting provider.

They offered three options such as Nut Silver, Nut Gold, and Speed Star. They also offer a BDIX server to host your website. Here, you may choose between a monthly package for 250 tk and an unlimited hosting package for 850 tk.

ITNut Hosting Features Advantages
Auto Backup Yes
Free SSL Yes
Data Center Location Los Angeles, USA, Bangladesh

5. Boss Host | No. 1 Cloud hosting company in Bangladesh

Best Light Speed ​​Bangladeshi Hosting CompanyManaged Cloud hosting is a rare service from a Bangladeshi domain hosting company. Because it requires more support and thus technical knowledge to handle.

According to  IBM, “Cloud hosting makes cloud resources available to applications and websites. Solutions, unlike traditional hosting, are not deployed on a single server. Instead, the application or website is hosted by a network of connected virtual and physical cloud servers, providing greater flexibility and scalability. Users will get a high web page loading speed throughout the world”.

In Boss Host BD, you will be charged 4999 takas per year for the pro cloud hosting package. It also offers SSD web hosting for 1599 tk per year.

Boss Host BD Features
Daily Backup Yes
Lifetime Free SSL Yes
Unlimited Bandwidth

Last word about the best hosting company in Bangladesh

Before making a purchase, make sure the hosting service you choose meets your needs. If you need assistance, talk to their support team first.

The host server has an impact on Google Ranking in addition to loading time, security, and user experience. As a result, choosing web hosting must be done carefully. But these best domain hosting company in Bangladesh won’t let you down like other Bangladeshi hosting providers. And there are easy payment methods here to pay.

Payment Options for Bangladeshi Domain Hosting Firm:

A 30-day money-back guarantee is provided by all of the listed best domain hosting company in Bangladesh.

I hope, Choosing a hosting provider for your website will be easier after reading our post. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Have a good day.

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