30 Best Business Ideas in Bangladesh

business ideas in Bangladesh

Are you looking for the best business ideas in Bangladesh? Currently, the education rate in our country is increasing, as well as the challenge of getting a job. In this situation, many people want to start a business, but either they do not understand what to do or they don’t have any profitable business ideas in Bangladesh.

So, I am here to help you get rid of this problem with the 30 best Business ideas in Bangladesh, any of which you can choose to start your business. It’s not like you need to go outside or need a place. Many small business ideas can be run by sitting in a house with low capital or without any capital.

Best Business ideas in Bangladesh

To be successful in business! definitely courage, deep desire, belief in yourself and having a beautiful plan are important.

Many women want to do something from home, but they can’t go ahead for various reasons. Take a step, you will find a way.

Don’t worry, I will share various types of businesses which can suit students, housewives, and even office-going people and it will be the first step for your business to start.

10 Best business ideas in Bangladesh

Due to Covid19, everything has been stopped. But we all know where there is a will there is a way!

Today, I will talk about some best business ideas that you can run from home, So you don’t need to pay for the place. Let’s discover the best business ideas in Bangladesh.

1. Home-Made Food Business

homemade food business

If someone is good at cooking, then you can earn money by selling cooked food online. It does not require much capital.

A cooking business can be started with a few materials. First of all, you need to post pictures of food through the website, Facebook page, and group and promote among the people of the surroundings including frames. If someone likes the picture of your food, you can receive an order from them.

There is a huge demand for homemade food. Especially in-office lunch, tiffin or any ceremony. If your food tastes good to them, they will order regularly.

You can start your business with all types of food. It will be helpful if you hire a delivery man to deliver the food. Food Panda can be a better option in this case.

2. Pets Farm business

pet farm business

People aren’t used to this as a business, Though many people have hobbies for Pets and later they convert this hobby to a business.

Currently, it has become a profitable business in Bangladesh. You can start with different species such as foreign dogs, rabbits, rare birds, colourful fishes, etc. You do not have to go to the market for a sale. You can easily do that online.

You can also benefit from this business from home. But you must be careful to do this business. I suggest getting a course before you start a pet farm.

3. Jewellery-making Business

business idea in bdThe jewellery business is profitable now. Girls always feel attracted towards jewellery. Various ornaments, including the jewellery of Puti, are widely used in marriage to any other occasion.

So jewellery has demand throughout the year and this is a unique business idea for Bangladeshi people.

If you can purchase all the raw materials to make the jewellery at a lower price, then there is a good profit in this business.

To be successful in this business, there must be some creativity in itself. You must continuously provide new designs.

This Business can be started in small capital. You can sell your jewellery online, offline, on WhatsApp, on Facebook and any other platform, You don’t need to go outside.

4. Cake-making Business

cake making business

Homemade cake demands all the time. Different parties, birthdays, and marriage anniversaries require a cake. If someone can make a good cake at home, then you can earn well from it. Many people have become self-reliant by doing homemade cake business.

You can receive orders from your  Facebook page, Whatsapp, and YouTube channel by posting your homemade cake. The elements that take cakes can be purchased at a low cost.

You must care when you are making cakes. Never compromise the quality of cakes. If the uppermost decoration of the cake is elegant, it will increase demand.

5. Chocolate-making business

chocolate making business

Chocolate Making Business is also quite popular like Cake Making Business. People of any age love chocolates. You can do chocolate business from home and you can sell your product online.

The cost to make chocolate is low and the profit is more. Three to four ingredients are enough to make chocolate.

6. Reseller Business

reseller business model

The reseller business has become better now for online income in Bangladesh. Purchasing a product and re-sales it again is the reselling business procedure. It is currently a popular domestic business that can be sitting at home.

There are several reselling apps for this. These apps provide different pictures of products. You can share it on your website or your Facebook page.

Say that, there is a book whose price is 500 taka, and you need to sell it at a higher price to make a profit. After receiving the order, you have to forward this to the main seller.

You don’t need to worry about the delivery of the product. The company’s product that you resell will take responsibility for the delivery of the product. Don’t worry, they will deliver the product in your name/company name.

To start this business, a few skills are needed such as,

  • Concepts about Facebook and social media
  • Marketing
  • ideas about e-commerce and
  • Website management (if you have one), so that you can maintain your website.

If you are familiar with these, you can start reselling business. I recommend you should build up an e-commerce website.

To be successful in this business, the web page design should be professional, easy to navigate and high loading speed.

7. Candle-Making Business

The business of making candles is much more profitable. You can start this business by buying some raw ingredients and machines. You can purchase all the Candle making raw materials and machines at a low cost.

There is a massive demand for candles. Candlelight is used for birthday celebrities, different parties and various events. Besides, Candle Lights Dinner is widespread. There is a candlelight demand in all spheres.

There are several designs for making candles, they must be purchased. These are available for less money.

What does it take to start candles making business?

  1. wax
  2. colours and
  3. packets.

8. Greeting Card Business

business ideas for students

Now there is a wide circulation of greeting cards in all places. In all types of invitations, greeting cards are widely used. Different types of interesting cards are a must to invite to a Marriage ceremony, Anniversary, Birthday, or New Year celebration.

It’s quite a popular domestic business Idea in Bangladesh. It has also a good chance in the online market and freelancing sites. If you are good at designing, you can start at a very low cost.

To be more successful and get a higher price, you have to continuously produce a brand-new and aesthetic design that looks more interesting.

9. Catchup business

Catchup making business

You can start catchup making business in your house with less capital. Children to old, and everyone prefers to eat, thus there is a lot of demand, and when we talk about homemade, there is an enormous market.

Different types of catchup are available in the market. If you want, you can start the business with only essential stuff.

There is nothing much needed to prepare a catchup. Oil, normal spices, and the special spices for the particular catchup, you want to prepare are the only requirement. After cooking, you can use a small glass pot or bottle for marketing.

There are many fruits from which catchup can be made such as boroi, chalta, tetul, olive, mango, etc. are widely popular.

To do this business, you have to be careful about whether the quality of catchup is testy. There are training courses in different centres, including youth development training centres to develop your skill.

You can take proper training to do business well. There are many types of rituals, such as big, riding, tamarind, olive, mango, etc. are widely popular.

You can start your business with what you can create. It allows you to call online offline in two ways.

10. Flower jewellery business

Currently, flower jewellery is very popular. Girls wear Flower jewellery mainly in the yellow and spring festivals.

Artificial flowers, tarsels and puthi are needed to create flower jewellery. You can purchase these raw materials at a low price from wholesale stores. This business can make benefit a lot more. Online media is more useful for this domestic business idea.

But make sure your flower jewellery brings some uniqueness to the corner and looks fantastic. Keep adjusting your style and design so that you can stay in the business with time.

Big Business ideas in Bangladesh

If you have a considerable amount of capital and want to earn more profit, you should start a wholesale business.

11. Wholesale Business of Rice

To start a wholesale business with the daily necessities, it’s not a bad idea to do with Rice, hah!

But for this business, you have to keep in mind something, Find out at the beginning. For example,

  • Rice market price
  • What kind of rice has more demand among the people?

Then buy rice from the mill. Supply to the retailer. But in this case, keep in mind the cost of transportation.

In this rice business, you need handsome capital to start, but it will be a beneficial business in the end.

12. Cloths Business

We are talking about the wholesale business, but the clothes business is not mentioned, it will never happen. This is a familiar and profitable wholesale business idea in Bangladesh.

But this business requires a huge investment, 8-10 lakhs should be okay. Though, It depends on the type of clothes you want to start with.

Buy clothes from the weavers at wholesale prices and sell them to local shopkeepers or retail vendors.
Though it wants a little more investment, you will earn a very good profit if you are patient.

13. Shoes

online shoe business

Out of the house or inside the house, everywhere we need shoes. So shoes have regular basis demand. You can go ahead with this business if you can manage a mediocre budget.

By maintaining some method, you can get better in this business. Make sure you have shoes for each age and class. The seasonal shoe is different. So keep these in mind before stocking footwear.

Try to buy shoes at wholesale price directly from the factory, It will help you to make more profit.

14. Bag business

This business idea requires a little more investment. Although investment is high, it is a very profitable wholesale business Idea to start.

What kind of bag has more demand in your region? To select the bag, keep the matter in mind. Spend time gathering special designer bags, and never compromise with quality. It will earn trust and more customers too.

Talk to the manufacturers, they may help you to get an idea about the wholesale price.

15. Grocery goods

You can start a wholesale business with the components that are regularly sold in the grocery store. It does not require a lot of capital.

Oils, lentils, and spices are people’s daily essential items. So their demands are much more. Try to buy directly from the factory to make more profit and Keep an eye on qualitative quality in this case.

16. T-shirt

business ideas for bangladesh

It is a trending profitable online wholesale business Idea for students especially. But, If you are looking for wholesale business ideas at a low cost, then this T-shirt business is for you also.

People order t-shirts for several occasions such as special day celebrations, sports clubs, Reunion, etc. Note down the required colours, design and quality and forward the order to your associate garment.

17. Borka and Hijab

If you can arrange a somewhat good investment, you may retain Burka and the Hijab together.

However, if you want to proceed with little capital, you should start the business with the hijab only. To be successful in a few months, You must work with the latest design.

18. Cosmetics content

Currently, one of the profitable wholesale business ideas. Almost all girls use cosmetics. So, there is a tremendous market, You will never feel a shortage of buyers. You can buy at wholesale rates and sell at local cosmetics shops at a good price.

19. Wholesale Business of Clock

This business can run with two qualities. You can start with a brand clock or a non-brand clock.
If you have a large capital, start a brand watch business. In this case, you have to search for elite companies which are popular alongside.

But if you are planning to start up with less capital, go ahead with non-band.

Which model clock is currently trending? Does man like any specific design? You have to be careful about these things.

20. mobile accessories

You won’t find a man in the millions who do not have a mobile phone. Each of us has at least one mobile phone.

A mobile phone requires a charger, cover, earphones or headphones, etc. So if the wholesale business can be started with these items, then there are a lot of possibilities to be successful.

So, If you are looking for wholesale business in gross capital, you can think of doing business with this mobile accessory.

10 Small Business Ideas in Bangladesh with low investment

Are you afraid to start a business for less capital? There is nothing to fear. If you want to respond to the dreams of profitable businesses in your less capital, then follow our ideas to use your intelligence and start a profitable business.

21. Organic Products

Our awareness of health is increasing. Everyone knows the harmful effect of chemical foods. Today, everyone wants to get chemical-free products. So, the demand for organic products is increasing day by day.

This is a business that you can start even today with less investment. You can start it in your room, roof, in a slightly open place or on the verandah. Then, during the first phase, the time of choosing the shop place and the rent cost both are saved.

This business can be conducted with very low capital. So if you find a more profitable business for less money, you can start through Organic Products.

22. Nursery business

The nursery business is another best business idea for Bangladesh. You do not need any different shops for this business. There is no need for capital in many cases.

Because we often plant plants, fruits and flowers in our homes, on porches, on the roof or in front of the house as a hobby. This will be the easiest, most profitable and best business for those who enjoy gardening.

The nursery business can start with low investment and is suitable for women too. So the tree lovers can start without any late.

23. One-Time Glass, Plate, Cup

Though It is surprising to hear but nowadays, at any event, there is a lot more demand for one-time products. So undoubtedly it is a timely and profitable business. There will be no need for separate shops at the beginning. This profitable business can start in your house.

Many events such as picnics, birthdays, marriages, schools and college functions require a lot of one-time products. Simply speaking, there is no jury of these one time. So go ahead without considering any business as small.

24. Mask and Sanitizer

During covid19, many people died, and many people lost their job. However, some people have conquered this difficult time with intelligence.

Mask and sanitiser are widely used since then. So mask and sanitisers business are currently the most profitable and timely business idea.

You do not need separate shops in this case too. Anyone can start wholesale and retail selling from his little home. You do not have to think about capital, because 3-5 thousand taka is enough to start this business.

During this time of the epidemic, there is no better and unique business Idea than this. So, if you want to start a profitable business at lower money, then this business will be suitable for you.

25. E-commerce business

Our daily life has become more modern than before. Besides, we are being busier. We don’t have time to go shopping.

We have made the mood for shopping online with mobile or computer. So now, e-Commerce is one of the most popular and smart business Ideas in Bangladesh.

It comes to the list because, there is no physical store needed, no need to purchase plenty of products.
So initially you can save a lot of money. One of the advantages of this business is that you can start with any product (one or more). Some profitable e-commerce business ideas are;

  • Cloth business
  • Cosmetics
  • Watch
  • Jewellery
  • Hand-Made Product
  • Catchup
  • Signature products (famous product of an area/brand)
  • Home Made Food etc.

26. Mobile and computer servicing

From teenage to the old, everyone uses mobile and computers, it’s become an essential part of our life.
People often face different problems with Mobile and computers. When we are in trouble, we run to the servicing shop.

This business needs a suitable place to reach more customers. It can more profitable business among all the business Ideas for a village area. Because this type of service is not available in rural areas.

But the most important for this work is a skill. Do not start the business if you don’t have adequate skills, Try to achieve skills in this regard first.

27. Blogging Business

Another timely business Idea is the blogging business. Blogging means sharing different types of information, story, tips, and tutorial on the Internet through a platform. Currently, the demand for income is increasing much more. You can grow a standard Bangla blog by spending around 10 hours a week.

People of any age, gender and occupation can start blogging. But I suggest this is the best business idea for women, specially housewives and students.

But success in blogging depends on your interest and expertise. If you are interested in your blogging, develop skills in SEO (search engine optimisation), a little bit of coding, and Blogspot or WordPress right now.

A beautiful and professional blog should come online at zero cost to a maximum of 10 thousand taka.

28. YouTube Business

business idea for women

If you want to start a business without any investment or low cost! YouTube channel creation is undoubtedly a good idea.

Creating a YouTube channel and uploading videos of quality content can bring a handsome amount of money.

However, due to a lack of quality content, your YouTube subscriber can not be increased, and the hope of income can be broken down. You must be proficient on the topic before starting YouTube Business.

To get more views on YouTube, follow these steps:

  • maintain a high-quality video
  • publish more quality content than competitors
  • optimise content before publishing, and
  • campaign through other social networks

29. Facebook page business

How much time do you spend on Facebook? Do you know that there are many ways to earn from Facebook?

If you want to utilise the time you spend on Facebook and earn some money, open a Facebook page today.

You can share social status, funny topics, videos or funny mimes and reach thousands of people.

Content must be standardized. Do not rush to grow your income, focus on increasing your audience.

When you have thousands of followers, you can earn from Facebook by;

  • sponsorship
  • affiliate marketing
  • instant article
  • Facebook in-stream advertisement
  • paid post
  • selling the page

If you want to earn more from the Facebook page, create more timely content. Sitting in the house, there is no jury in this business if you want to do business without any investment.

30. Online Course

Online courses have become much more popular during the epidemic. People are now more interested in learning through online courses from home. And you have to use this opportunity to start your new business.

Do you also have special skills? Do you want to share with all? Do you want me to provide the opportunity to learn from you? You can reach the learners, and students through a Facebook page, group, or any other social handle or by building up a website.

There are many online course media too, you can create a profile and upload your course video there. They will sell and share the revenue.

The top 5 online course media are:

  • Coursera
  • Udemy
  • Alison
  • Bohubrihi (Bangladeshi)
  • ReptoBD (Bangladeshi)

Last word on Business Ideas in Bangladesh

Do not rush to start a business. Think, think and think, then select the best business ideas in Bangladesh for you after getting all the answers to these questions:

  • What’s your passion?
  • what do you love to do?
  • where is the demand
  • how much capital do you have to invest?
  • which Business idea in Bangladesh is more profitable in your region?

I hope these top 30 business ideas for Bangladesh will help you a bunch to start your own business.

Good Luck, ta-da!

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