How to deactivate Nagad account?

how to deactivate nagad account

Are you made up your mind to deactivate Nagad account? Ok! Then you must want to know how to deactivate Nagad account, Right? No problem you can close your nagad account by following some simple steps.

Nagad is a popular mobile banking system. After bkash, it is the most popular mobile banking system now. But it doesn’t mean you will always need to keep the nagad account active. So, you may ask how to delete Nagad account, isn’t it?

There are many reasons for which you may need to deactivate your nagad account, for example, You are changing your current sim and switching to another one.

So to help you in this manner, we are going to show how to deactivate nagad account permanently.

How to deactivate Nagad Account

Nagad is one of the popular mobile banking. However, as there is a need to open an account, it may be necessary to close for various reasons. For example,

  • Your SIM is lost or damaged
  • The SIM card is not registered to your voter ID card
  • You may want to switch the Nagagd account to another SIM
  • You no longer want to use the Nagad account.

Usually, these are the reasons why it is necessary to delete your Nagad account. There may be other reasons as well. Let’s take a look at our main discussion, the way to delete the Nagad account.

What are the essentials to deactivating Nagad Account?

To deactivate or delete your Nagad account, you will need to have the –

  • National ID card, and
  • Active SIM

Now, Check your Nagad account before closing the Nagad account. If there is a Nagad balance in the account, send it to another account or cash out and make the balance zero.

How to delete Nagad Account permanently from home?

The easiest way to close a Nagad account is by calling the Nagad helpline number 16167 or 09609616167.

It will be better if you call the number in which you have a Nagad account.

After calling, various options will be given by customer care. but you need to talk to a customer representative, so select this option.

Inform the customer representative about closing your account.

He will ask you for the number of your account number, the National ID card number with which it is registered.

If necessary, you may be asked about your father’s name and mother’s name.

Once the account verification is complete with this information, your customer representative will deactivate the nagad account.

Second way to deactivate Nagad account

Insert your SIM card into a mobile phone, and go to the nearest Nagad Customer Service office with the original copy of your National ID Card.

Talk to a representative, He will verify the voter ID of the Nagad account with your voter ID card. The account will then be closed.

FAQ: About Deleting Nagad Account

Q: Can I open my account again once I close the Nagad account?

A:  Yes, of course. You can re-open a Nagad account on the same SIM or any other SIM using the same national identity card.

Q: How many Nagad accounts can be opened with one ID card?

A: Under the current rules, a voter can only open a Nagad account with an ID card. However, a Nagad account can also be opened with a passport and driving license.

Q: What do I do if I forget my Nagad account password?

A: There is nothing to panic about if you forget your Nagad account password. Call the Nagad helpline with the account number you have with your National ID card. If you talk to a customer representative, they will know and verify your information. Will then give you an on-time password. Then you can use the password and change it as you wish.

Q: The Nagad account has been suspended due to repeated incorrect passwords

A: If you repeatedly enter the wrong password in the Nagad account at the same time, the account will be suspended. However, after two hours you will have the opportunity to enter the password again. If you can’t remember the password, call the customer helpline after two hours after being suspended to change the password.

Hopefully, there are no more questions about how to deactivate the Nagad account. If you have any queries on deleting nagad account, feel free to comment below.

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