Nagad Cash Out Charge – 9.99 tk for 1000 tk Cash Out

Nagad Cash Out Charge

Nagad Cash Out Charge for 1000 taka is only 9.99 taka now (excluding vat), Which is the lowest cash out charge among mobile banking services in Bangladesh. However, the Nagad cash out charge depends on the total cash out amount and cash out method. Besides, Nagad Regular account cash out charge varies from Nagad Islamic Account charges.

So, Before you open a Nagad account or even if you have already a Nagad account then, you must have to know the Nagad Cash Out Charge in detail.

Nagad Cash Out Charge in 2022

Nagad is a digital mobile banking service under the Bangladesh post office authority. It’s a national mobile service. So it charges less than any other mobile banking service like bKash or Rocket.

Nagad has two cash-out methods:

  1. Nagad USSD code and
  2. Nagad app

1. Nagad Cash Out Charge with USSD code *167# (Regular Account)

Cash-out via Nagad USSD code at Nagad Agent Point will cost 13.04 taka for 1000 (excluding VAT). But the Total Nagad Cash Out Charge including VAT is 15.00 Tk.

If you want to withdraw 1000 Taka from the Nagad account, then 1015.00 takas will be deducted from the account.

2. Nagad Cash Out Charge through the app (Regular Account)

Like other mobile banking services, Nagad also comes with additional benefits using the app. Nagad offers a low cash-out charge in the app.

Whenever You cash out with the Nagad app, it will charge 9.99 takas per 1000 taka. But after including vat, the Nagad Cash out charge will be 11.49 taka for 1000 takas.

So, If you want to cash out 1000 taka with the Nagad app, then 1011.49 takas will be deducted from your account.

Nagad Regular Account Cash Out Charge

3. Nagad Cash out Charge for Islamic Account

The cost of cashing out from a Nagad Islami account with or without the app is 13.04 taka (excluding VAT.) for 1000 Takas.

So, After including 15% VAT, The Total Nagad Islamic Account Cash Out Charge is 15.00 Tk for 1000 taka withdrawal. Similarly, 30 takas will be charged for 2000 taka cash out from Nagad Islamic Account.

Last word on Nagad Cash Out Charge

Let’s check the Nagad Cash Out Charge for each 1000 taka at a glance:

Nagad Cash out Charge

Excl. VAT

Incl. VAT

Regular Acc. (USSD)

13.04 taka

15.00 taka

Regular Acc. (with APP)

9.99 taka

11.48 taka

Islamic Acc. (USSD)

13.04 taka

15.00 taka

Islamic Acc. (with APP)

13.04 taka

15.00 taka

I hope you have enjoyed the article. If you have any queries regards the Nagad account, feel free to post a comment here. Have a good day.

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