How to Renew Bangladesh Passport in the USA in 2023

Renew Bangladesh Passport in the USA

You can now renew your Bangladesh passport in the USA. Let’s know the passport renewal requirements and how to apply online to renew Bangladesh passport in the USA. At present, three different Bangladesh Missions (Bangladesh Embassy of Washington DC, Consulate General Office of New York and Los Angeles) are functional for passport renewal in the USA.

If you are currently living in the USA, you can only apply for Bangladeshi E-passport Renewal from New York, Washington DC and Los Angeles in the USA. You can start applying for passport renewal 8 months before the passport expires. Here I will describe how to renew a Bangladesh passport in the USA.

How to Renew Bangladesh Passport in the USA

To renew a Bangladeshi passport in the USA, you have to first fill up the Application Form. You can easily apply online for Bangladesh passport renewal in the USA. Here are all the steps that will describe, how to fill up the passport renewal application in the USA. Follow the steps carefully and apply them accordingly.

Step 1: Create an Account on the E-Passport Website of Bangladesh

  • Visit the website. Then click on Apply Online Menu.
  • You must answer the question – ‘Are you applying from Bangladesh?’ Then Select ‘No‘.
  • Select the country as the United States of America and select the nearest Bangladesh Mission (Washington DC/New York/Los Angeles) at your convenience. Then Click on the Continue button.
  • Write your active email address and fill up the captcha and click on the Continue button.
  • Now you will find a page for entering your account information such as email, password, full name, given name, surname and mobile number.
  • Password: You should give a strong password containing at least 6 characters and a minimum of 1 letter in capital or block letter.

Bangladeshi passport renewal in USA

After creating an account successfully, log in to your account and click on 5 Steps to e-Passport. Fill up the form carefully specially marked as a star.

Full Name in Application of Bangladesh Passport renewal from USA

You can renew your Bangladeshi passport in the USA only with your National ID card or Birth Registration Certificate.

So, you must write your full name as it appears on your NID Card or Birth registration certificate (BRC). Be sure that your Birth Registration Certificate (BRC) is found online so that you can verify your birth certificate.

Given Name in Bangladeshi Passport Renewal Application

A given name is known as a first name or forename. It is the first part of a person’s name that identifies him/her. You can write the first part/parts as your given name in the passport renewal application.

If your name has 2 parts such as Nahid Hasan, write just Nahid as the given name. If your name has 3 parts such as Nahid Hasan Khan, write the first 2 parts, Nahid Hasan, in the given name.

Surname in Application of Bangladeshi Passport Renewal

Surname is also known as last name/family name. This is used for all family members. Surnames are Chowdhury, Talukder, Hossain, Khan etc. For passport renewal in Bangladesh, you must write the last part/parts of your name as a surname.

For example, Nahid Hasan Khan – Nahid Hasan will be the given name and Khan will be Surname.

Mobile Phone Number

Write your USA phone number which will be used to communicate with you if needed. Then click on the Tick Box where it says I am human.

Now, you can create your account by clicking on Create Account button. After that, you will receive an activation link in your email address. Log in to your email and activate your passport account by clicking the link.

Step 2: Fill up the Bangladeshi Passport Renewal Application Form

Passport Type

Click on Apply for a new e-Passport‘. Then select the passport type – Ordinary Passport or Official Passport. If you are a Government service holder and have a Government Order (GO) or No Objection Certificate (NOC), you can apply for an Official Passport. If you are not, then select Ordinary Passport.

Passport Information

Now fill in the passport information correctly. Be careful to fill out the form. You must fill in the online form with the correct information.

  • In the Bangladeshi passport renewal application form – Click the Tick Box (I apply for myself), if you are applying for yourself. If you are applying for any other, there is no need to check the tick box.
  • Write the Name, Date of Birth and District of Birth according to your NID or BRC.
  • Select your gender and religion.
  • Select your Profession correctly. You have to show your proof of profession when asked.
  • Select the type of your citizenship. Then click on Save and continue button for the next.


  • Fill in your present and permanent address in the online form. The present address must be your USA address and the permanent address can be your home address in Bangladesh. If your present and permanent addresses (in the USA) are the same, then check the tick box.
  • Select Bangladesh Mission from where you are going to apply. Now, click on the Save and continue buttons to proceed.

ID Documents for Passport Renewal Application

As you are applying for renewing Bangladeshi passport from the USA, you have to provide your old MRP passport information, NID or Birth Registration Certificate Number and reasons to apply. Currently, there are 6 reasons available.

Reasons to apply for Bangladeshi passport renewal

  • Conversion to E-passport – you want to change your MRP passport into E-Passport.
  • Expired – Your passport is expired.
  • Lost/Stolen – Your passport is lost, so you extremely need a new E-Passport.
  • Data Change – You want to correct errors or wrong information in your passport.
  • Unusable – Your old passport is damaged or unusable anyhow.
  • Other – For any other reasons.

You have to provide a National ID number or Birth Registration number (anyone). You must Write the number very carefully. Then click on the Save and continue button for the next page.

Parental Information

Now you need to provide your parental information. Remember the followings:

  • Write your Father’s and Mother’s names as their names appear on your NID card or BRC.
  • Don’t add Late or any other extra word before or after the name unless it is on your NID card or BRC. If your father’s name is Late Tazim Ahmed on your NID, only then you can write Late Tazim Ahmed in a passport application.
  • Select Nationality and Profession. NID numbers of your parents are optional. It is better to leave it.

Spouse Information

If you are married, widower or widow, you will have to provide your spouse’s information. Try to give the correct information here. Click on the Save and continue buttons for the next step.

Emergency Contact

For the passport renewal application, you have to provide an emergency contact. This person will be contacted when you are absent. So write the information correctly. The emergency contact person can be your relatives or friends or colleagues.

Passport Option and Delivery Type

  • Select how many pages you want in your passport – 48 or 64 pages and select 5 or 10 years of validity of the passport. If you want to renew your Bangladesh passport in the USA for 10 years, you should select 64 pages. As 48 pages will cover 5 years.
  • Select the delivery type of passport – Normal Delivery, Express Delivery or Super Express Delivery.

Step 3: Check Your information again and Submit

Now it comes to checking your information again and confirming the application. Make sure that all the information are correct and that you have not made any mistake.

E-Passport application form

If you make any mistake in the application, you will face problems with that. So check it again and again. Now click on the Confirm and proceed to the payment button. Select the option of offline payment and submit your application.

Step 4: Submit the online Application and Print it

  • Download two files: 1) Application summary and 2) Online Registration Form.
  • Print the Registration Form on A4 size paper.
  • Attach a passport-size photo with a hard copy of the online form.

Step 5: E-Passport Payment and Enrollment

You have to make an appointment for e-passport enrollment. Presently, the walk-in appointment is suspended until further notice. But, in-person service will be provided on a limited scale for biometric enrollment of e-passports.

After completing the payment, you can make your appointment and submit the application papers.

Appointment method of Bangladeshi Passport Renewal in the USA

Bangladesh embassy and consulate general offices have different methods for an appointment. You must verify which one has jurisdiction in the area you reside in before making an appointment.

Brief information is given below for 3 different Missions (New York, Washington DC, and Los Angeles);

New York: In New York, All the passport activities of Bangladesh are done by the Consulate General Office. The Consulate General of Bangladesh is one of the important Bangladesh Missions in the USA.

To make an appointment in New York, you have to apply online. After applying basic information, you will need to print out the page. You will be informed of the appointment date via your email.

On the exact date and time, you must visit the Bangladesh Mission Office (Consulate General Office, New York) with all your necessary documents and old passport. Then complete your enrollment.

Washington DC: To make an appointment in Washington DC, send an email to with your passport application summary/confirmation page for an online appointment.

You have to visit the Embassy Office in Washington DC with all your necessary documents and complete your enrollment.

Los Angeles: You have to contact the Consulate General Office, Los Angeles with all your necessary documents and complete your enrollment.

Delivery time required to renew a Bangladesh passport in the USA?

The standard processing time for passport renewal is 60 days, the express delivery takes 45 days. After processing, it may take 10-15 days for the new passport to be printed from Bangladesh. Then it will be sent to the mentioned address in the USA.

Required Documents for Bangladeshi Passport Renewal in the USA

Here is the list of all requirements for Bangladesh passport renewal from the USA:

  • Your National ID Card or Birth Registration Certificate (BRC)
  • Your Old/Expired Passport/hard copy of passport information page or GD Copy (if lost)
  • Email address and Phone number
  • Proof of lawful residence in the U.S. (valid visa, green card)
  • Marriage/divorce certificate (if applicable)
  • Passport size photo
  • Application Summary
  • Online Registration form
  • Payment document
  • Proof of profession (if required)
  • The students must bring a copy of their Student ID Card to submit during biometric enrollment.
  • Appointment copy

Bangladeshi Passport Renewal Fee in the USA

Here are the lists of fees (including all charges) for passport renewal in Bangladesh from the USA embassy and consulate general offices:

48 Pages with 5 Years validity

  • Regular- USD 110.00
  • Express- USD 165.00

48 Pages with 10 Years validity

  • Regular- USD 137.50
  • Express- USD 192.50

64 Pages with 5 Years validity

  • Regular- USD 165.00
  • Express- USD 220.00

64 Pages with 10 Years validity

  • Regular- USD 192.50
  • Express- USD 247.50

Last Word on Renew Bangladesh Passport in the USA

In addition to the complete process of Bangladesh passport renewal in the USA, this article specifies the Bangladeshi passport renewal requirements, fees in the USA and other related topics about passport renewal in Bangladesh.

I hope, you have already learnt how to renew your Bangladesh Passport in the USA. After completing your biometric enrollment, you can check your passport application status online from home.

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