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SIM Registration Check

SIM Registration Check is becoming important for all mobile users. Do you need to know how many SIMs are registered on your NID?

Besides, SIM registration checking is a matter of safety nowadays. After coming Biometric SIM card registration, it’s become easy to find criminals for police and other battalions. Problem is, if someone else is using a SIM which is registered on your NID, then you can suffer if he commits a crime.

So, the question is How can I know how many SIM cards are in my Name? No worries, I am here to let you know the SIM registration Check process step by step.

How many SIM I can register on my NID?

According to the latest Govt. policy, a person can register 15 SIM with one NID/Passport/Driving Licence. So, as you have limitations, you should check and deactivate unnecessary registered SIM.

So, if you have already registered a number of SIM, then you may need to check how many SIM are registered on your NID still now and which are of them.

All SIM Registration Check Online in Bangladesh

To check all the registered SIM Numbers in your NID:

  • Dial *16001# from a sim that is registered on the same NID you want to check
  • Now enter the last 4 digits of the NID card
  • You will receive a message with all your number registered on this NID

So, this is the basic way for All SIM registration Checks. But every telecom company like Grameenphone, Banglalink, Robi, Teletalk, and Airtel has introduced a specific process to know how many SIM is registered on a NID.


SIM Registration Check Code




write 'Info' and send to 4949








write 'Info' and send to 1600

Grameenphone SIM Registration Check Online

To check your registered SIM number from a Grameenphone number:

  • write ‘Info’ and
  • send this message to the 4949 number.

If you are helping another person to check how many SIMs are registered with his/her NID from your phone, then

  • Go to your Message option
  • Type ‘REG'<space> 17 Digit NID Number, and
  • Send it to the 4949 Number

Robi Sim Registration Check Online Bangladesh

By Dialling *1600*3# from a Robi number, you can check how many SIM are registered under your name.

After Dialling the code, all the registered numbers will appear as a list.

Airtel Sim Registration Check Online Bangladesh

To check the registered SIM number from Airtel SIM, dial *121*4444#. After Dialling, you will get a list of Numbers which are registered on your NID.

Banglalink Sim Registration Check Online Bangladesh

If you are a Banglalink user, then dial *1600*2# to check how many SIM are registered on your NID.

TeleTalk Sim Registration Check Online Bangladesh

To check how many Teletalk numbers are registered on their NID:

  • Go to your message option
  • write ‘info’ and
  • send it to the 1600 number

How to remove a SIM number from my NID?

After performing SIM Registration Check if you found any number that you don’t know or doesn’t belong to you, or you are not using that number anymore then go to your nearest customer care office and report to them as soon as possible. They will deactivate the SIM and will be removed it from your NID too.

As I said earlier, if you don’t have access to any SIM which is registered in your name, then you may become a victim in case someone commits a crime by using that SIM.

Last Words on SIM Registration Check BD

Hope, Now you know How many SIM are Registered on your NID BD.

Often, SIM sellers try to register extra SIM cards whenever non-tech people go and buy a SIM from them.

So, If you have family members who are not familiar with the internet, please check how many SIM are registered on your NID card and deactivate the unknown number if you find any.

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