Best YouTube Video Editors to Create Short Videos Without Watermark

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You are into creating YouTube videos- this might be just for fun, or you are willing to build an audience on the platform so as to monetize your productions.

Whatever might be the reason you are on YouTube, choosing the right video editing tool will give your content the much-required professional feel.

Editing YouTube videos entails adding effects, music, titles, and graphics to the content, so the clips stand out from the plethora of other clips posted on the channel regularly.

And no matter what budget you are working with, there’s an affordable YouTube movie editor that meets all your requirements.

It’s just that you will have to make the right choice. Of course, the task is a bit daunting, but with proper research and knowledge, you can find a tool that works as per your expectations.

Best 4 Youtube Video Editors to Create Short Videos 

Let’s dive in and find out about top-quality YouTube video editors for creating short videos without watermarks.


VSDC video editorSince its very inception, VSDC has remained right on top of the list of the best YouTube video editors for creating videos without watermark. This online tool has the potential to help marketing professionals create some of the most stunning product demonstrations.

Users can also create how-to videos of their products using VSDC, and this will genuinely improve the knowledge base of their target audience regarding their products. Best of all, this YouTube video editing tool does not leave any watermark on the edited content.

The quality of all the edited videos using VSDC will surely impress you as a user of this tool. Another noteworthy feature of this tool is its support for a wide assortment of file formats helping users make free tutorials and then post the same on varied websites online.

The pro version of this tool comes with advanced features like a mask tool, chroma key, and voice-over for pro-level video editing. However, you will have to pay for the pro-version. It’s best to stick to the free version of VSDC if you have a limited video editing budget but do not want any watermarks on your edited work.

2. Lightworks

LightworksThere is no online video editor like Lightworks when it comes to editing YouTube videos. This is a feature-rich pro tool that works on the majority of the operating systems and has a very easy learning curve.

You can always give this online video editing platform a try if you want pro-level editing results from your videos. It is not that the free version of this tool does not have the power and the features that deliver excellent editing results.

You will specifically appreciate Lightworks’ special attributes, whereas you get complete control over all of them as a user. Not to mention, you will also get the scope of exporting your finished content directly to Vimeo and YouTube.

3. YouTube Video Editor

Invideo youtube video editorBesides the video editing tools mentioned above, there are other free tools specifically designed for professionals and aptly suitable for creating, converting, and editing videos of the highest level.

One of these tools is the YouTube video editor that has made a good name and secured a safe position in the market within a very short time span.

This web-based YouTube video editor offers the best editing features for professionals and beginners, making their job of creating attractive videos easier and more convenient.

For the ones looking to make videos without watermarks, this would be the ultimate tool. You get high-quality edited visual content without watermarks along with various other significant features.

This versatile editing platform enables its users to trim MP4, MP3, and various other file formats while supporting some of the most well-known audio, video, and picture formats. This means that the users can edit all kinds of files effortlessly and without spending a dime.

The editor even works in the form of a special effects video editing free tool giving users the scope of adding transitions, overlays, and filters to their video clips. So, with this editor coming in handy, you can create some of the most exclusive masterpieces within seconds.

The tool comes loaded with a plethora of effects giving users the scope of editing videos by splitting, trimming, rotating, mixing, and merging. Users of this tool can easily extract subtitles from MVK, MP4, and other file formats without putting in any effort.

If you want the best results from your video editing efforts, then it will be a great idea to go for InVideo as your ultimate editor.

4. Blender

blender video editorThis Linux, Mac, and Windows compatible video editor is an open-source platform that has gained huge popularity for its 3D pipeline- rigging, modelling, simulation, animation, composting, motion tracking, and rendering. And yes, it even boasts of a 2D pipeline.

This is the most comprehensive video editing tool with sections comprising sculpting, VFX, and 2D animation. Not to mention, the 2D, 3D, and VFX animation attributes of this tool are at par with the professional editors.

The blender comes with a total of 32 slots completely dedicated to video clips for adding animations, elements, and special effects. Users also get the scope to live-preview their work or use proxy rendering if they have low specification computers.

The potential of this editor does not end here. Chroma vectorscope, histogram, and luma waveform make it easier for the users to keep an eye on their work.

Other capabilities of the tool include stabilization, lens correction, chroma-key, speed control, character rigging, and tracking.

Under the layer of a great video editor, you can also find a super powerful rendering system that comes with several layers and supports ray-tracing. Both these features work together to bring different animated images to life.


Of course, the different free YouTube video editing tools available online might differ in their features, but there’s one thing that is common among all the YouTube video editors, and that is they do not leave any watermark on the finished product.

So, go ahead and choose one that YouTube video editor meets your requirements and matches your level. Do this, and your YouTube video editing job will be unmatchable!

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