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Before downloading shopping apps, you should learn which one is the best shopping app and about online shopping businesses or e-commerce in the USA.

We got Black Friday promotions, where people spent 9.2 billion only in 2023. Then we are having the great ’Cyber Monday’ since last decade. Where the retailers are selling more than 10 billion dollars only this specific Monday. Apart from Thanksgiving, there are many more occasions that have now celebrated customers by different E-commerce franchises.

Hence, it isn’t the end of e-commerce. So far, it is steadily increasing and reached 14.80% of total retail business in the US during 2023. Still, a lot of people remain out of reach of this multi-billion dollar business. To attract and show reliability, the companies also offer cash back, gift-card, coupons, etc. Apart from the companies, many always search for cheap shopping apps. There is still quality and price difference in such a short range. So, a shopping app suitable for others may not suit you the most. So, learn before buying, hope this article will be helpful.

Best Shopping app list in 2023

We hereby listed the 12 best shopping apps which might suit and accomplish your buying perfectly. Probably, you are already using some of these apps. But, we are hopeful that our discussion will improve your efficiency in using the same app better than before.

There is no rating sequence in the best shopping apps list. We shall provide you with their business and discount policies. So after, you will not miss the best cash back, best coupons, etc.

The chosen 12 best shopping are the following with their google play app ratings;

Shopping app App Rating
Mercari 4.8
Etsy 4.9
Amazon shopping 4.4
Klarna 4.5
Alibaba B2B 4.4
Wish 4.7
Kroger 4.5
eBay 4.7
Instacart 4.3
Wayfair 4.8
Temu 4.6
Walmart shopping and grocery 4.7

1. Mercari

Mercari shopping app

Mercari is an overseas Japanese E-commerce forum. After launching in 2013 in Japan, 94% of people of the old empire are recorded using this cheap shopping app. Mercari came to the US market in 2014 and steadily held a percentage of the market for a long time. Whatever the market share, Mercari is renowned as being one of the best shopping apps in the industry. During 2014-16, the app was awarded multiple times both internationally and locally by Google play.

Low price, user-friendly shopping app, and many other services help it to acquire a remarkable 4.8 rating on Google play. The app was downloaded by more than 10m users and out of 427k reviews about 89% percent of customers rated the app with 5 stars.


  • Mercari offers the lowest selling fees in the market. As a result, the products are also cheaper.
  • An item below 4 oz is possible to ship below three dollars.
  • Mercari always presented with tons of discounts ranging from 10-30% in a stable market.
  • On Black Friday, Cyber Monday discounts reached up to an unbelievable 80% last year.


  • There are incidents of scams and fake product complaints by customers. Sometimes customer service takes longer to dissolute such cases.

2. Etsy

etsy shopping app

Etsy is one of the fastest-growing platforms in the US e-commerce industry. The Etsy shopping app achieved an outstanding 4.9 rating in Google play by Etsy shopping app users. With half a billion dollar net income from last year, Etsy is considered the best shopping app for crafts, clothes, toys, jewellery, and a large variant of furniture and home-decors.

Almost a million reviewers rated it with five stars for being satisfied with the app’s performance, discount offers, and other services. Apart from groceries and a few other products, this comparatively cheap shopping is a better place to spend some money.


  • On Etsy, you have an opportunity to contact the makers or craftsman before ordering.
  • Though Etsy wasn’t famous for large discounts and coupons, in the year 2023 they offer up to 85% discount coupons.
  • It is a global market of craft items from all around the world.
  • You can bring a new look to your home by using this cheap shopping app.


  • There are few complaints recorded for the low quality of the cheap products.

3. Amazon shopping

amazon shopping app

Shopping is the root business for one of the world’s largest companies ‘Amazon’. It is still US’s best e-commerce shopping app, downloaded by more than 500m people. We all know almost everything is possibly available on the Amazon app. It can no longer be called a cheap shopping app. There are products available on its app which are priced from very high to astonishingly low.

People long accustomed to amazon shopping apps rarely switch to other apps. But recently there are a few negative reviews found due to the app’s updates. They mostly don’t like the changes and complicated features. Through reputation, yearlong promotions, and shipment offers still helped Amazon to achieve a moderate 4.4 rating with 3.3m five-star ratings.


  • You can use your camera to search for the item you needed.
  • A discount is available on start-ups, subscriptions, etc.
  • Automatic clock refund system in case the package is late.
  • You can donate to charities from Amazon.


  • The latest updates are not liked by the app users.

4. Klarna

Klarna shopping app in usa

Klarna is a Swedish financial Bank. It was immensely successful and became one of the best shopping apps in Europe during the last decade. in e-commerce with its micro-credit loan policy. Unlike any other e-commerce platform, they also provide you with the money to purchase.

They give you the loan for a flexible period without charging more. But in case you miss any deadline, that might cost you more interest money. Sometimes it’s not pleasant for people. But those, who are good at debt paying, can enjoy buying with others’ money for a good time. So far, Klarna achieved a 4.5 rating with half a million positive reviews.


  • The Klarna shopping app offers 4 instalment payments without any interest.
  • There are loans available for purchase with a time limit of 6 to 24 months.
  • There is a set price alert in this app for your selected product.


  • You need sound credit card background to be eligible for benefits.

5. Alibaba B2B Marketplace

Alibaba b2b shopping store app

Out of different Alibaba e-commerce platforms, its B2B market became much more popular in the US. Though it isn’t a retail marketplace, we still included it in the list of best shopping apps. This app has been downloaded 100m+ times from google play.

Out of 2 million reviews 1.5 million rated the satisfying 5 stars. That’s why we included this overseas wholesale market, which is also rated 4.5 on the google play store by US users. If you are a local retailer or you’re going to make something big, Alibaba would best and cheap shopping app in a B2B market world.


  • Alibaba is the best way to get products from the far east.
  • Act as a helpful middleman on the start of a new business.


  • A language barrier with overseas sellers creates problems during the trade.
  • An annual high subscription price impacts product prices.
  • In the B2B system, there are fewer discounts or coupons than usual.

6. Wish

After Amazon, the Wish shopping app comes with as many products as possible. After being downloaded by more than 500 million people, 14 million reviewed the app and products. Surprisingly that broke the record by getting 11 million 5-star ratings, which is 5 times more than the second-best Amazon. Overall 4.7 rating proves a lot of people are satisfied with a Chinese product, directly delivered from the factory.

The quality of the product varies with the price. Without any intermediary, Wish is the best cheap shopping app on our list.


  • Beautiful exotic products are available at the lowest possible retail price.
  • Wish costs low shipment charges sometimes even less than interstate charges.


  • All should know those brands at cheap prices are fake. But it’s still a problem for a few.
  • You will never know when the delivery will arrive. Better not make any future plans for it.

 7. Kroger

Kroger is a 140 years old multi-departmental retail store. To compete with Amazon Fresh and other grocery retailers Kroger started its online marketing in 2013. Kroger operates multiple farms and plants for its dairy and grocery supplies.

Nationwide hundreds and thousands of Kroger stores give the experience of the best shopping app for dairy, bakery, and grocery products. With a 4.5 rating, Kroger has fully satisfied 178k users by achieving 5-star reviews.


  • The Kroger Plus card offers you the best coupons in e-commerce businesses.
  • A very cheap shopping app for farm fresh dairy and vegetable products.
  • The shopping app always offers mega sales, mix&match, etc. for customers.
  • Using the Kroger Pickup option, you can receive your groceries at suitable parking places.


  • Many are confused with the quantity and category of the products, especially fruits and vegetables.
  • Not the best app with the issues with search options and debit card payment.

8. eBay

Founded 27 years ago eBay was one of the very first company launched an e-commerce mobile app. Over years of experience, they made the app more user-friendly and a better shopping experience. In a joint venture with PayPal, eBay brought itself to the level of Amazon. It offered unique facilities like trading tickets, and currencies online.

Thrilling eBay auction has been an addiction for some since it was released. After managing all inter-states shipments with a reliable transaction system, a 4.7 rating is very standard for the e-commerce Giant. Almost four million people give a 5-star rating on Google play.


  • eBay is always appreciated for its simplicity. Easy to find with nice pictures make it attractable.
  • A very loyal and easy-to-find tracking system has been working great for years.
  • Best shopping app for casual bidders.
  • Handsome discounts are only offered to app users.


  • eBay is sometimes criticized for its high shipment cost.

9. Instacart

Instacart is a mobile app for continental grocery delivery and pickup services. Hence the ordered items are picked up and delivered by a personal shopper normally within an hour. The more you will buy, the less you will be charged. With express Instacart membership, you will get coupons and various discounts.

Instacart is affiliated with a large number of retail grocery shops both in the USA and Canada. For example, it can provide wines from 30 different wine sellers in more than 20 states. Their services vary from town to town. Through a few corporate ups and downs in recent years this cheap shopping app is still a growing business with a 4.3 rating.


  • Instacart Express members can save an average of 7$ per order.
  • You will have extra time if you are not fond of shopping around.
  • Helps to manage a healthy food supply for the family.


  • Instacart still didn’t reach the distant rural areas of the country.
  • The delivery charge is expensive compared to other services.

10. Wayfair

Wayfair is an online shopping app for furniture and home products. Normally we are considering multi vendors in this list. But its huge assembly of home products made it the best shopping app for the household. From small to big, everything you need will get by this app.

There are thousands of unique products are available at Wayfair to choose from for your home. Inside the app, you will find digital displays and designs for your desired products.

Out of 10 million downloads, it received 146k five stars with an incredible 4.8 rating through quality and reliability.


  • A very improvised app for selecting the best décors for your home.
  • The 3D visual display will help to match the angles, and curves of the house with perfect furniture.
  • Easy and multiple payment methods.


  • In case of a defect, the customer has to return at his own cost.
  • Few still prefer the website version rather than the mobile app.

11. Temu

Temu shopping app is the new rock star in the US e-commerce business. It still didn’t experience the market like other apps in this list. But making a lot of attention in its few months businesses. Reputed brands, alongside cheap Chinese fashions and, tools made Temu popular easily.

The low prices are further allured with discounts and coupons. Gaining a 4.6 rating and 29k five-star reviews in the first few months of the business is better than a good start. The app came with most of the features popular in current e-commerce, but it’s still developing. With new updates and as a cheap shopping app, Temu will go much further than we expected.


  • Temu got a large collection of clothes, jewellery, house products, and so many different categories.
  • The prices are unbelievably cheap. Few outfits are priced at less than 1$!!!
  • The overseas shipping was much faster than other deliveries last year.


  • Like other overseas product sellers, Temu also received complaints about the quality!

12. Walmart shopping and grocery

You might pick another grocery app for some specific products. But Walmart is overall the best shopping app for groceries. In user rating, Walmart is far ahead of other e-commerce platforms for grocery. Moments in the business of delivering groceries and other rotten stuff aren’t always pleased with the customers.

So, while Walmart achieved 4.7 for their groceries, it means they delivered the best foods on Thanksgiving Day. Just FYI, out of 3 million reviewers, 2.4 million rated the grand Walmart with 5 stars on the google play store.


  • Above 30 dollars purchase, the pick-up is free.
  • In case of rotten and unsatisfactory products, they quickly refund the money.


  • Few users were reviewed negatively for facing troubles while using the app.
  • Sometimes the products picked up by employees are not of the best quality.

Few things you should know before online shopping

  • Always purchase from a reputed seller.
  • Study both app and product reviews before purchase.
  • Focus on product quality rather than offers.
  • Make a strong password and never share it with anyone.
  • Avoid email scam sellers.
  • Leave the apps which ask for more information than necessary.

So which one is the best Shopping app for you?

In terms of the price level, Wish is considered the best cheap shopping app.

But when it is grocery or household products, our suggestion will be Walmart grocery and Wayfair for respective products.

From traditional aspects, eBay is still the best shopping app after many experiences and reviews.

Last word on the best shopping app

Online shopping isn’t a scary thing to do anymore. Any of the best shopping apps can save a great deal of money and time.

Cheap shopping app sells only fake products’- isn’t true in present-day e-commerce. With little knowledge, you can easily ensure better product quality. Hope our article will help you to select the most suitable app for becoming a champion shopper.

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