Affiliate Marketing in Bangladesh – Best 10 affiliate programs in BD

Affiliate Marketing in Bangladesh

A manufacturer may not be good at marketing. An importer may not have the time and skill to present his goods properly in front of customers. This is how affiliate marketing was getting started. And affiliate marketing in Bangladesh is becoming a royal opportunity to earn money online from home. So many people are looking for the best affiliate marketing program in Bangladesh available now to join and start earning. In this article, you will find the top 10 affiliate marketing programs which pay more commission and are trustworthy.

Affiliate marketing in Bangladesh is nothing new anymore. The country has remarkable manpower who have been working on affiliate marketing for a long time. There are many more in the pipeline who are interested in affiliate marketing. As it requires less time to invest, so this is one of the best ways to earn money online as a student.

So far, these marketers are mostly paid by Amazon’s affiliate marketing program. There were very few affiliate programs that were available from Bangladeshi e-commerce retailers.

But now the situation has changed. There are many Bangladeshi e-commerce retailers, distributors, and e-academies that are offering commissions on affiliate marketing. The programs are not adequate so far but have a promising future with no doubt. Learning the best affiliate programs in Bangladesh will give you a head-start in your freelance marketing career.

Best Affiliate Marketing in Bangladesh.

There are many platforms where anyone can apply. There are a few that might be related to your study or hobby. You also need a well-structured affiliate program by a trusted e-commerce company. Therefore, in our article, we shall try to learn about affiliate marketing in Bangladesh.

The 10 best affiliate programs in Bangladesh are as follows:

  1. Daraz Affiliate
  2. Bd shop
  3. 10 minutes school
  4. Sohoj Affiliate
  5. Boikhata Affiliate
  6. Bohubrihi Affiliate
  7. Shikho
  8. Shopz affiliate
  9. Dianahost
  10. Foodpanda

1. Daraz Affiliate Program | Best e-Commerce Affiliate Marketing in Bangladesh

daraz affiliate program in Bangladesh

Daraz is the best shopping app in Bangladesh since the beginning. The South-Asian e-commerce giant is considered an alternative to amazon, and eBay in Bangladesh. Daraz presents millions of products available from very cheap to higher prices. It also offers the biggest affiliate opportunity for content creators and freelancers in Bangladesh. A blogging site can earn a commission rate of up to 12% for each product sold in Daraz through the affiliate links.

As there is plenty of varieties and offers always available, Daraz is a 24/7 crowded marketplace. It is considered to be the future of affiliate marketing in Bangladesh. The buyers are still interested to know about the product quality and features, and they are willing to buy. So, a white hat affiliate with the most honest opinions can help you to earn a good amount online.

Use our unique Daraz referral code "Pratiborton_DA179" to get fast approval.


  • The best affiliate programs in Bangladesh for beginners and freelancers with a steady income.
  • The company provides extended support for online marketers.


  • Daraz’s affiliate agreement is a little influential.

2. BD Shop | Best Affiliate Program for Gadgets Marketing

bdshop affiliate program

BD Shop is another popular e-commerce platform in Bangladesh. They also have started their affiliate programs which include social media. It is watchable that people from Bangladesh spend more time on social media. For this nationwide habit, BD Shop would be a very good choice for many to earn online.

BD Shop categorized its affiliate marketers into 5 different classes. There would be starter, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond classed affiliate groups that are paid accordingly.

The e-commerce affiliate marketing in Bangladesh is well influenced by BD shop programs. The commission rate ranges between 3-7%. Their wide variety of products ensures a healthy monthly income through affiliate marketing.


  • You can easily affiliate with Bd Shop on your personal Facebook account or a page.
  • Products delivered by the BD shop itself have a very low cancellation order.
  • Easy payment method by Bkash, rocket, Bank account, etc.
  • A 30-day cookie gives affiliate marketers a longer chance to earn.


  • The commission rate is lower than other affiliate marketing programs available in Bangladesh.

3. 10 Minutes School Affiliate Program

10 minute school affiliate program

One of the leading e-learning platforms in Bangladesh. Beginning from scratch, 10 minutes school became a million-dollar project within a few years. They offer all educational courses for students from primary to HSC level. There are also courses available on university admissions, extensive software, and career development learning. It also consists of one of the best affiliate programs in Bangladesh regarding e-learning. This school’s affiliate marketing in Bangladesh would bring a lot of positive changes in the education system too.

Affiliate marketers can earn by selling 10 minutes of school content on their Facebook page, Youtube channel, website, etc. On selling each content the marketer will get a 15% commission. It is possible to earn 20,000 BDT from here on a monthly average.

There is no additional training required for marketing their products. Moreover, they will provide valuable guidelines and courses for career development in affiliate marketing.

So far, 28 thousand registered affiliates sold about 7 crores BDT online. Part of their affiliate team for free, you can also have a share from that money.


  • Already established as a trustworthy brand
  • Nice content to sell online.
  • Students can make a good earning from here.


  • Nothing to mention.

4. Sohoj Affiliate | Best Affiliate program in Bangladesh for beginners

sohoj affiliate program in Bangladesh is considerably a new e-commerce platform in Bangladesh. But their affiliate programs are much more advanced and suitable for Bengali content writers.

Over 22 thousand people are registered for Sohoj affiliate programs. They are working and earning money from affiliates by selling around 2,000 of the company’s products. There are six different levels of affiliate marketers. The commission rate ranges from 3-8% based on levels. So far, Sohoj has paid about 4 million BDT for its affiliate marketing in Bangladesh.

They promote their affiliate marketers more than they promote their products. This bold step helps them to build up a strong marketing platform with consistent selling. Right now, Sohoj is in the perfect position to boom the business. I hope you can be a part of its future success.


  • Easy money withdrawals and attractive bonuses at different levels.
  • Referring someone will help to get a lifetime commission from the selling of others.
  • The most suitable platform for beginners, who prefers to write in Bengali.


  • Product number and quality should be increased.
  • The commission rate is inadequate

5. Boikhata Affiliate | Best affiliate program in Bangladesh for book review media

boikhata affiliate partnership program is a popular e-commerce site for English and translated books, novels, self-development, etc. You can write on those books for their wide range of readers. In affiliate with Boikhata, you can earn a 10% commission for selling each of its books.

The Boikhata has a target of involving students in affiliating marketing in Bangladesh. But anyone who wants to earn is welcome to join Boikhata affiliate marketing. Personal profile, Youtube video, Facebook page, blog, or any other media can be chosen as an affiliate channel.

Book reviewers and readers can easily earn through their hobbies affiliated with Boikhata. The monthly income is sent to the marketers via using bkash.

Without a doubt, Boikhata offers one of the best affiliate programs in Bangladesh for true enthusiasts.


  • Reading books will not only give you knowledge but also money at
  • Chance of unlimited earning with the best use of potential.
  • Content and article writers can use their blogs and websites more efficiently for Boikhata.


  • Nothing significant is found against this excellent Bangladeshi Affiliate Marketing program.

6. Bohubrihi | Best Affiliate program for media based on skill development

bohubrihi affiliate marketing program in BD

Bohubrihi is one of the best e-training platforms in Bangladesh. It creates new dimensions for affiliate marketing programs in Bangladesh. Bohubrihi is renowned for offering quality career development courses online. There are contents on language, technology, corporate, marketing, Graphic Design, full stack web development and many other categories.

The affiliate marketer can promote these courses in a wide category of channels. It could be Facebook groups, Youtube channels, Instagram, blogs, emails, or anything latest possible.

Money withdrawal is easily possible by bkash, rocket, or bank transfers. With a minimum balance of 2000.00 BDT, the amount will be transacted on the 14th and 28th of the month.

Bohubrihi offers one of the best affiliate programs in Bangladesh by giving a commission rate of 20% Which is the maximum in Bangladesh. Having the proper knowledge of different course contents and good writing skills, you can earn a good amount of money.


  • Brohubrihi pays a 20% affiliate commission for selling each of its courses.
  • Courses are updated with new offers every time.
  • Smooth payment system.


  • It requires good knowledge to write about the course contents.

7. Shikho Affiliate | Profitable Affiliate Marketing Program in Bangladesh

shikho affiliate program in Bangladesh

Shikho is a potential academic learning site that was launched in 2019. Within years, Shikho earned about 6 million dollars through high-quality videos, animations, and better presentations. Last year Grameen phone and this EdTech company declared a joint venture in the future. So, it easily appeared a bright future is waiting for the company and the marketers affiliated with it.

Their attractive selling products are being updated every day. As a result, there is an abundance of content to sell. Marketers can use their accounts, pages, comments, blog posts, or anything to share the link/code and promote sales on Shikho.

The company offers an exclusive 15% commission upon each of its sales through affiliate marketing. They will also provide you with the best training to promote their products and be a successful affiliate marketer.


  • Getting experienced affiliate marketers as mentors.
  • Handsome commission rate.
  • Easy withdrawal through bkash.


  • You might need knowledge of the courses for advertising.

8. Shopz Affiliate | E-commerce Affiliate Marketing in Bangladesh

shopz bd affiliate program

Shopz is a popular e-commerce platform in Bangladesh. It is renowned for selling fashion, home, and electronic appliances. Alongside, Shopz offers one of the best affiliate programs in Bangladesh for creative content creators. Having steady business growth, Shopz has every criterion to be a leader in affiliate marketing in Bangladesh.

Up to 10% commission is possible to earn by affiliate marketing with Along with websites, any social media account can be used to promote their products.


  • Easy withdrawals of money through secure payment systems.
  • Plenty of quality products from renowned brands to sell.


  • Shopz itself requires a little advertising.

9. Dianahost | Best affiliate program in Bangladesh for Blogging Niche

dianahost affiliate program comission rateDianahost is one of the popular domains and hosting companies in Bangladesh. With the increased number of websites, their business is also growing day by day. It would be beneficial to be a part of their affiliate program for a few dozen products.

A tech niche blog or youtube channel with very clear specifications and presentation might help you to get extra money in your pocket with the Dianahost affiliate marketing program.

Dianahost offers a 5% commission rate for every product sold. The 30 days cookie for affiliate tracking ensures to get a commission later on. Even if the buyer purchases within a month after clicking the first time on your affiliate link. If you have sound technical knowledge of domains and hosting, and blogging it could be a good opportunity for you.


  • This market has a bright future and many customers will rely on honest opinions.
  • Lifetime commission, as long the customer is using the service.
  • Easy money withdrawal by bkash, rocket, etc.


  • There is nothing negative so far recorded against Dianahost.

10. Foodpanda | Best Affiliate Marketing Program in BD for food vloggers and bloggers

foodpanda affiliate program in Bangladesh

Foodpanda is the number one Food delivery app now in Bangladesh. It also delivers grocery, household products, skincare products, and medical aids. Foodoanda offers up to a 5% commission for each sale.

The food panda affiliate program keeps a 7 days cookie period which means if a  user clicks on your affiliate link today, but buys after 6 days, still you will get your commission.

To start affiliate marketing with food panda, first, you need to apply with your site/channel/social media. Once they approve you, you can start sharing your custom link and earn money online without investing.

So if you have a channel/site/social media based on foods and recipes then you can join to food panda affiliate program.


  • Social media is acceptable
  • Easy to start
  • 7 days cookie period


  • Less commission rate

What are the best channels for affiliate marketing in Bangladesh?

Modern technology offers us millions of products from all across the world. Which people can easily buy from their mobile phones or pc. But the products came in different quality by different companies. There are also specific features for different models and brands.

In such a confusing situation; few customers read the reviews and articles of the product. Some want to watch vlogs on unpacking, demonstration, and tutorials before purchase.

Some people get influenced by Facebook and Instagram posts. So, these channels (Facebook, YouTube, and Blog) are considered the best for Bangladeshi affiliate marketers.

Affiliate Marketing is possible with just a mobile phone, so affiliate marketing is one of  the best ways to earn money online on mobile.

Conclusion on Affiliate Program in Bangladesh

Affiliate marketing in Bangladesh hasn’t bloomed yet properly. Many sectors are still not open for affiliate marketing. The proper affiliate guidelines are not followed in many cases. There are many people doing scams in the name of affiliate marketing. A black hat affiliate might benefit a dishonest businessman for a while. But in consequence, many customers will leave the market for being cheated. So, you should avoid such practices and choose one from our list of the best affiliate programs in Bangladesh.

Select a suitable product and give honest reviews on the product and offers. Finally follow the white hat affiliate marketing rules to earn customers’ trust gradually. Thus, you can be successful in any affiliate platform in Bangladesh.

So, let me know which Bangladeshi affiliate marketing program you are choosing to join.

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