Top 20 Online Income Site in Bangladesh

Online income site in Bangladesh

Are you looking for an online income site in Bangladesh to earn from home? There are many youths who asked us how can I start earning online, and which website is real for earning in Bangladesh. Most of them want to know about online income in Bangladesh without investment. So I have decided to make a list of trusted 20 online earning sites in Bangladesh where payment via bKash is available.

In this article, I will share 20 free and best online income sites in Bangladesh where you can start earning without investment. And You will find many options to earn money by mobile in Bangladesh. All these sites are real online income sites, no flock. You will earn as much as you work.

Online Income Site in Bangladesh | Online Income in Bangladesh without Investment

List of the best online income site in Bangladesh;

  3. bKash
  9. Roar Bangla
  10. Shopup Reseller


Trusted online income site in Bangladesh

Pratiborton is one of the most popular blogs in Bangladesh right now. But Pratiborton is most familiar as the trusted earning blog site in Bangladesh. So, if you are planning for online earnings from today and have some writing skills and passion, Pratiborton will be the best option to earn money.

To join this online income site in Bangladesh, you have to register first. After creating your account you need to ask the Pratiborton team on messenger for topic approval (FB ID seems fake and won’t get approval).

Pratiborton offers 100 tk per 750-1000 words Bangla article, and it will raise the number of words.

Pratiborton takes up to 7 days to review and publish an article. Within 2 hours of publishing the article, you will receive your honorarium. This site is the best for online income in Bangladesh without investment and yes, your online income payment will be sent via bKash.


Best online site in Bangladesh

If you ask me how can I earn handsome money online in Bangladesh, then I will suggest starting blogging.

Blogging is now becoming one of the best online income sources for people who want real freedom. In blogging, you have no pressure to maintain a schedule or fear being rejected by clients. There is no boss except you.

You can publish a post whenever you are free. So, I always say, blogging is the best way to online income BD for students.

There are thousands of Bangla blog sites which are earning a handsome amount each month. Blogging will open up a lot of sources to earn money such as:

  • Google Adsense or alternative
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored post
  • Local Advertisement
  • Backlink selling
  • Physical or digital product offerings
  • By Selling monetised ready website
  • Offer Freelance Services, etc.

You can choose or a WordPress content management platform to start your blogging.

3. bKash

Earn money online bd bkash payment

bKash is known as a popular mobile banking system to All of us. But this is one of the trusted online income apps in Bangladesh too.

bKash has had a referral program for a long time. You can earn up to 150 tk per successful referral. But, one thing you need to know this amount is only deposited after completing a transaction using the bKash app.


Trusted Online Earning site in BD

10-minute school is the most familiar e-learning platform in Bangladesh. Everything you need to learn from class six to job preparation to skill development is available here. But this is no more only an e-learning platform now. 10-minute school is becoming one of the best online income sites in Bangladesh. Marketers can earn by advertising 10-minute school courses.

But before you get approval for the earning program, you must manage a good amount of traffic (Facebook, Blog, YouTube channel). After achieving that, you can apply for becoming a 10-minute school affiliate.


Best E-commerce affiliate program to earn online in Bangladesh

Daraz is the number one e-commerce site in Bangladesh right now. And now it is providing affiliate programs for digital marketers. Daraz has a bunch of product categories along with a ton of products. So Daraz has become a popular online income site for Bangladeshi bloggers and vloggers.

Anyone who has a good source of traffic can apply for the Daraz affiliate program. After getting approval you have to promote their campaign and products. The more sales you generate the more you will earn from this site.

Daraz Affiliate’s commission rate is up to 12%. Moreover, it has a leaderboard. Top marketers will earn extra money (Around 20K) after terminating the campaign.


Online freelancing site in Bangladesh

Delancer is a trusted online income site in Bangladesh which is a freelancing site but there is scope to sell online tools and services. Currently, Dealnacer has 6525 Users who are taking and offering service.

Google AdSense buy-sell and approval service, Ezoic Service, YouTube channel monetisation Service, Facebook Service, Web Services, Themes & Plugins buy-sell, Graphics Design, SEO Service, Old Domain Sell, Website Sell

Writer hiring, PayPal Account Services, Audio & Video making and editing service are the most popular categories in this Bangladeshi Freelance Marketplace.

Your payment will be deposited once you hand over your job.


belancer bangladeshi outsourcing site

Belancer is the first freelancing site in Bangladesh where Bangladeshi freelancers are joining to earn money online. This website was developed for Freelancers who have no adequate command of English.

To work as a freelancer here, you have to

  1. Bid a project
  2. Wait For Approval
  3. Complete the job and Get Paid

Browse Projects and bid on them! Always be careful while submitting a bid proposal. Wait until your employer chooses you as the winner. Remember that once you’ve made your choice, the work will be legitimate for you. Complete your work according to the timetable you both agreed upon. You will get paid in full after your task is completed!

There are numerous categories to work on, including:

  • Web, Mobile & Software Development
  • Design & Multimedia
  • Administration & Legal
  • Writing & Translation
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Data Analysis
  • Engineering & Architecture, etc.


bangladeshi freelancing site

Shocchol is another online earning website in Bangladesh which is a freelancing marketplace. Here you will find the following jobs:

  • Graphics & Design
  • Programming & IT
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video & Audio
  • Photography
  • Business
  • Online Tools
  • Streaming service

Posting Jobs/Gigs on is very easy. Visit the site and create your account. Then After logging into your account, click on the “Post New” option. Now you will find an interface where you have to set the Job Title,  category, sub-category, price, job description, and tag.

After getting a job, confirm it before you start working on it. Submit the job on time and receive your payment.

9. Roar Bangla

online earning site in BD

Roar Bangla is the most popular Bangla feature article site. This writing website covers history, sports, Bangladesh, liberation war, recent, world politics, world, science, books and movies, entertainment, fables, biography, technology, biosphere, lifestyle, art culture, economy, geography, travel, awareness, education, literature, architecture, healthcare, food and recipes.

So, if you want to work with this earning site in Bangladesh, you have a lot of options to write on.

But before you submit your first article to review, you have to gain adequate skill on writing.

They may take up to 14 days to review and publish your article. The honorarium is not fixed but it must be a handsome amount for the appointed writer.

10. Shopup Reseller

online earning site in Bangladesh without investment

If you ask me how can I make money from my mobile, then I will suggest installing the shopup reseller app.  Here you can sell and earn money online from home without having your own products, even you won’t face any hassle for packaging and delivery.

To earn money online from this site, you need to open your store, design it and start marketing to generate sales.


bohubrihi affiliate marketing program in BD

Bohubrihi is a popular Bangla professional course site. Many freelancers are now successful after completing courses here.

Bohubrihi can be your best online earning partner site in Bangladesh as they are offering a high commission affiliate program and it is 20% off each sale. Besides, Bohubrihi keeps 30 days cockies so you have a chance to get a commission even if the customer delays the purchase for 30 days.


dianahost affiliate program comission rate

Dianahost is a Bangladeshi web hosting provider company. They have a high reputation for quality service and an excellent support system. They are offering the following services;

  • Web Hosting
  • BDIX Web Hosting
  • Singapore Shared Hosting
  • Premium Web Hosting

This online income site in Bangladesh is offering a 5% affiliate commission for each sale. It’s simple to send a withdrawal request and receive the payment via Bank Account, bKash, or Payoneer. Dianahost provides 30 days of affiliate tracking cookies like So, If that visitor comes back & purchases within 30 days, you still earn the commission.


online earning in Bangladesh with hosting Bangladesh site

Hosting Bangladesh is one of the popular domain hosting providers in Bangladesh. It offers shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and domain. Besides, there are many tools and services available here.

Hosting Bangladesh is offering affiliate programming for marketers. So if you have traffic that needs domain and hosting services, then join the Hosting Bangladesh Affiliate program and earn a 10% commission from each sign-up with your affiliate link.


shikho affiliate program in Bangladesh

Shikho has become very much popular with students in a very short time.  Their animated lectures are very much helpful to understand any hard topic. Also, it helps to memorize for a long time.

Shikho has only academic courses and now shikho is a popular online earning site in Bangladesh after starting its affiliate program.

So if you have a good source of traffic that is mainly academic students then you should work with shikho to earn money online in Bangladesh without any investment.

Shikho offers a 15% commission for each sale, and this commission rate will increase after selling a target amount. You can withdraw your income after every 15 days to bKash.


If you ask me, how to earn money online in Bangladesh by mobile then my answer will be content writing. There are many tools like Notepad, Google Docs, MS Office, WPS etc which are very much flexible to write on Mobile.

But, Techtunes shares their dashboard to type and edit your article. Techtunes has started initially offering an honorarium for Bangla article writing.

But, as a reputed site, you have to show your skills before you start earning on this site. After posting a number of (around 10) high-quality articles, you have to ask for membership. After getting approval, your earnings will be added to your account.


No 1 online income site in Bangladesh

YouTube is the number 1 online income site in Bangladesh. All of us are familiar with YouTube Ads now. Furthermore, there are various ways to make money by producing video content on YouTube, including:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored post
  • Local Advertisement
  • By Selling monetised YouTube Channel
  • Offer Channel Memberships

You might ask me how much money I can make on YouTube. It actually depends on your viewpoints and industry. What other methods do you use to make money? Thus, tech and review websites profit more in comparison. because there is available high CPC advertising. Also, your chances for affiliate marketing and sponsored promotion are stronger.


Online income with facebook business

Do you have a Facebook account, I am sure you have one right? Facebook is a popular social site in Bangladesh. But this is not only a social site anymore. It has several ways to earn money without any investment! Yes, you have read that word without investment.

Before you claim, consider the following ways to make money from the Facebook site in Bangladesh:

  1. Create videos with in-stream ads
  2. Sell Products
  3. Sell Services
  4. Grow Marketing & Sales Funnels
  5. Grow Affiliate & Referral Programs
  6. Earn Sponsorship & Advertising Revenue
  7. Make Money by working as a Page manager
  8. Grow and Sell Your Page
  9. Grow and Sell Your Group
  10. Sell Paid Post on Group and Page
  11. Create a buy and selling Group and Earn a Commission from each deal
  12. Add a paid subscription to your page
  13. Collaborate with brands
  14. Run paid events online
  15. Drive visitors to your online store

So these are the common ways to earn money with Facebook from Bangladesh. The underlined options are the ways to make money online without investment.

But before you start earning from Facebook you have to grow your active page followers and group members.

Post unique and creative content regularly (minimum 3 unique posts and 4-5 Share posts) to stay engaged with your audience and it will help you to get more and more traffic faster.


bdshop affiliate program

BDShop is a well-known Gadget store in Bangladesh. You may find high-quality equipment and devices here. Those who have traffic interested in gadgets and gear should join this reputable online revenue platform in Bangladesh through affiliate marketing.

BDShop offers affiliate commissions ranging from 3 to 7% in five different Affiliate Groups (Starter, Silver, Gold, Diamond & Platinum)

The cookie lifetime is 30 days, which is a huge benefit to advertisers. Monthly payments via bKash/Rocket/Bank Transfer/Cash (upon payout request).


online real money income site in Bangladesh is a buy-and-selling site. But do you know, this is one of the best online income sites in Bangladesh?

Mobiles, Electronics, Vehicles, Home & Living, Property, Pets & Animals, Women’s Fashion & Beauty, Men’s Fashion & Grooming, Sports & Kids, Education, Business & Industry, and Agriculture related used and new products can be sold with

You can even sell online services and your old books (Academic and Non-academic). To earn money from follow the steps mentioned below;

  • Collect old and used products
  • Create an account on
  • Advertise your product
  • Sell and Earn Money


online income by typing in bangladesh

JIT is another article writing site where you can submit your Bangla article and earn money. This online income site in Bangladesh is preferable for beginners who are familiar with writing rules and techniques. So, if you want to earn money online in Bangladesh by typing, then JIT will be a good choice.

There are a lot of categories such as Online Income, Blogging & Websites, YouTube, WordPress, Blogger, SEO, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Online Business, E-Commerce, Computer & Mobile, Software, Android App, etc on which you can write your content.

JIT offer 10-100 tk per article initially and based on the traffic for your content, you may earn a 1000-2000 tk bonus. You can also earn by referring to their earning program.

Last word on Online earning sites in Bangladesh

Now you know all the best online income sites in Bangladesh available and trusted. You can start earning without any investment with most of the sites. And if you have already some traffic source, then it will be so easy to make money online with these free online income sites.

All the listed Online income sites in Bangladesh (except YoTube, Facebook and Google) will pay you via bKash and other mobile banking methods.

Let’s summarise the online income sites;

  • For Students, Blogging and Article writing sites will be the best option for earning money online
  • For Housewives, Go and Grab reselling websites to earn money online
  • For permanent and more earnings, start blogging or YouTube Channel
  • If you have some traffic, then start affiliate marketing with the best online income sites.

I hope You have found some effective way and Bangladeshi trusted online income sites where you can join and earn money from today.

So, tell me now, which online income site in Bangladesh attracted you most and Are you planning to work with that site?

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