How to Earn Money Online in Bangladesh as a Student – Best 20 Ways

earn money online in Bangladesh as a student

You might be interested in learning how to earn money online in Bangladesh as a student if you’re a Bangladeshi student who wants to do so. The chance for earnings in the online world has substantially risen with the development of the internet in the modern era. There are many more opportunities to Earn Money Online in Bangladesh as a Student, but did you hear about them? With online work, there is no set schedule that must be followed. So, Online Money income for students in Bangladesh is more flexible and time-saving.

The article you’re reading today is for students wondering how they can make money online in Bangladesh while they’re at home, with or without investment. We’ll talk about some realistic ways for students in Bangladesh to make money online as we have previously talked about the student earning app BD. Let’s get started discussing how to earn money online in Bangladesh as a student.

How to earn money online in Bangladesh as a student 

Best 20 ways to earn money online in Bangladesh as a student are:

  1. Online Tutoring/Virtual Teaching
  2. Video Making on YouTube
  3. Become a Translator and Interpreter
  4. Drop-shipping
  5. Create a Moneymaking Blog
  6. Earn money through freelancing
  7. Affiliate Marketing
  8. Online survey and Reviews
  9. Web Development/Web Design
  10. Sell digital products and services Online
  11. Graphic Design
  12. Earn money from photography
  13. Earn as a Virtual Assistant
  14. Be an Article Writer
  15. Earn money from selling e-books
  16. Earn money from the Facebook page
  17. Sells courses online
  18. Data Entry
  19. Online Audio Transcribing Job
  20. Online SEO Expert

1. Online Tutoring/Virtual Teaching

earn money for Bangladeshi students by online tutoring

Online money income for students in Bangladesh through virtual teaching is an easy and time-saving part-time job.

Internationally, there is a huge demand for online tutors. Therefore, many media is available online that help to connect students with their demanding teachers.

If you have proficiency in any branch of knowledge – like Math, English Grammar, Programming, or Science, even in any artwork then teach others online to make money.

But, to be successful in this profession you have to have proficiency in English speaking. Besides, you just need to have a smartphone or PC with good camera quality along with a high-speed internet connection.

Based on the teaching subject and his experience, a student can earn 5000-30000 BDT monthly per student through virtual teaching

Where to teach online to earn money? 

Here are some websites to teach online:

  • Tutorme,
  • Studypool,
  • Moneytamer,
  • indeed etc.

2. Video Making on YouTube

Earn Money Online in YouTube in Bangladesh as a Student

Online money income for students in Bangladesh with YouTube is the best option for those who are creative and capable of creating quality content regularly.

A successful YouTuber can earn in various ways such as:

  • YouTube Partnership
  • Sponsored content
  • Local Ads
  • Paid promotion
  • Affiliate marketing, etc.

But before you start earning, your channel must reach 1000 subscriptions and 4000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months.

So to start earning you need to have views and subscribers. To get this you have to create and publish unique and quality content regularly.

After meeting the requirements, you have to apply for a YouTube partnership. After getting approval your monetisation will be on.

3. Become a Translator and Interpreter

Do you know any other language besides Bangla? If yes then you can start online income as a student in Bangladesh by translating.

There are lots of NGOs and multinational companies that need translation services on an irregular basis. So they love to hire freelancers instead of permanent employees.

So, there are huge translation job offers in the freelancing marketplace. If you know English and any other top-used language like Chinese, Spanish, German, French etc then it will be easier to get that job for you.

4. Dropshipping

Drop shopping is a good way to start Online income for students in Bangladesh. Drop-shipping is a method of retailing business. This does not involve any physical stock.

In dropshipping, you need to have a proxy online store (it can be a website or Facebook page), and you have to promote and receive online orders. After getting an order, you need to forward that to the drop shipper (Your partner store/third-party supplier). Then the product will be sent from your partner’s side.

You don’t have to invest to get started in this business, but there is a high return prospect.

5. Create a Money Making Blog

Online income BD by Blogging

If you think you are not comfortable with another person’s command or you feel like you are an introvert then blogging is a business that makes you your boss. You can earn money online in Bangladesh as a student like I am earning from this blog.

And you know what, blogging is easier than creating video content and is more flexible thanks to freelancing and online business. Because you can spend time writing and publishing content on your blog whenever you want. So, Blogging can be considered a passive source of online money income for students in Bangladesh.

But, to be successful in blogging you have to write and publish better-quality content regularly that ranks higher in Google.

After getting some visitors, you should apply for google adsense to monetise your blog. Though there are numerous ways to earn from blogging such as;

  • Sponsored content
  • Local Ads
  • Paid promotion
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Backlink providing, etc.

6. Freelancing

Freelancing is a profession where there is an opportunity to earn money by doing service independently. As a freelancer, you are not committed to any person/institution for the long term. And you can start and stop working whenever you want. So, you can earn money online in Bangladesh as a student by doing work as a freelancer.

In the freelancing marketplace, the tasks are divided into different categories. Such as –

  • Web development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphics Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Software development
  • Business Management
  • WordPress development
  • Animation
  • Content Writing
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography & Videography
  • SEO
  • Social Media Manager & Community Manager
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Proofreading and so on.

The most popular freelancing markets where you will find freelance jobs are:

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Freelancer
  • Hireable

So to earn money online in Bangladesh as a student, you are required to create an account on a freelancing website, browse through the job category and apply for a job that suits you.

Once you complete the given task with maintaining the quality and requirements of your employer, You will certainly be paid.

You can earn between $5 and $1000+ per job through freelancing websites.

7. Affiliate Marketing

When an online shop pays you a commission for traffic or sales that your marketing generates, this process is known as affiliate marketing. Making money while doing nothing is the goal of affiliate marketing.

When users of your website or blog click on your affiliate link to make a purchase or request a service, the businesses will pay you a commission.

You can sign up with linked businesses like,, or, as well as other well-known e-commerce stores after you have significant traffic from any source (Facebook page, Group, YouTube channel, or blog site).

8. Online survey

information is the biggest source of income nowadays. If you have information, the world is yours. So many businesses pay for the information they need.

And collecting information online is the easiest way now. So there are many online survey sites where businesses drop their questionnaire to collect information. After submitting the required information, you can earn a handsome amount each month.

As it requires less time, the survey is a good way for online income for students in Bangladesh.

Popular online survey sites for Bangladesh are:

  • TGM Panel Bangladesh
  • SurveyJury
  • triaba

9. Web Development/Web Design

Thousands of businesses are moving online along with offline stores each day. Millions of online businesses are launching online every month. Millions of blogs are coming to help people. And all of them need a beautifully designed website.

But most people are not familiar with web development and design. Besides, after launching the websites, it needs maintenance. So, there is a huge demand for freelancing sites for web developers and designers.

If you visit freelancing sites, then you can realize how many jobs are posted every day related to web development and design.

A developer and designer can earn a minimum of 150 dollars to 1500-2000 dollars per website development. And it will take a maximum of 5-6 days for a mediocre web developer to launch the website online.

There are many types of jobs in the web development and design category such as:

  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Application Development
  • WordPress Development
  • Plugin Development
  • Web Design

So, a Bangladeshi student can earn online by developing websites. Developing a single website per month should be enough for his livelihood.

For beginners who want to learn web development and designing, w3school is the best option to learn the basics.

10. Sell digital products and services Online

Selling digital products and services doesn’t require physical delivery and thus this suits students to do this kind of business.

To sell your service and products, Bangladeshi freelancing sites can be your best choice. Here you can open your account and publish your product details and service. So that customers can search for and place an order.

If you have the desire to earn more money by selling items, you may additionally do it by launching your website or opening a Facebook business page.

11. Graphic Design

Graphic design is another prestigious source of online income for students in Bangladesh. Before, graphic design was wanted for printing materials, but after raising the online market, now graphic designers have huge demand.

The skills related to Graphics design include are;

  • Package design
  • Print layout preparation
  • Logo design
  • PSD to HTML conversion
  • Visiting card design, etc.

Usually, the Graphic designers get their payment on a project basis or hourly basis. Initially, you can find graphic designing jobs on freelancing sites. You can also find it on social media as a beginner.

You can also sell your graphical templates and other designs on various sites like Graphic River and Creative Market. After having a stunning portfolio, you can start your website to contact clients.

12. Earn money from photography

Online money income for students in Bangladesh through photography is a much easier way now. It will save you time that can be spent on your study.

Students often go on tours and visit new places. And Maximum students have a passion to capture moments. So, if we can earn money by selling them, won’t it be so interesting?

The stock photo market has a huge demand for beautiful and creative photographs.

Various companies purchase stock photos from the stock photo market and use them for their objectives. And even you can publish your gig on a freelance marketplace as a freelance photographer to provide customers required photos. Some popular websites for selling online photos are:

  • Adobe Stock
  • Shutterstock
  • Picxy
  • iStock
  • Getty Images
  • Twenty20
  • Alamy
  • 123RF
  • Photoshelter

13. Earn as a Virtual Assistant

Another well-paying online position is providing virtual assistance. A virtual assistant typically works remotely for a business, providing administrative support. Some managers don’t need an assistant on a full-time basis. Instead, they must assign particular tasks in accordance with their needs. A virtual assistant comes in helpful for such chores.

What a virtual assistant does:

  • Scheduling an appointment
  • Making a phone call
  • Managing email
  • Providing customer service, etc.

Additionally, many businesses use a significant amount of online workers for tasks including data entry, social media management, email marketing, and product promotion and sales.

Skills required to become a virtual assistant:

  • Word-processing skills
  • Communication skills (fluent speaking and writing skills) with clients
  • Computer and Internet-related skills
  • Ability to make quick decisions
  • handling the situation
  • As well as an interest in constant learning.

The best places to find virtual assistant jobs are;

  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer and
  • Guru.

To attract and impress new clients, you must establish a strong online presence on social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and others.

14. Be an Article Writer

Writing articles or other content online might be a terrific option for Bangladeshi students to start earning money online. A passion for writing is all you need to get started; no specialized abilities are required. On the other hand, you ought to be open to fresh perspectives and conduct a study. You must be proficient in either Bengali or English to write articles.

  1. Writing English articles

If you want to make money online, you can publish English articles on blogs and earn anywhere from $25 and $500 for each article that is published. You can pick between two sites to write English articles on:

  • Submit writing on English blogs, and
  • The Freelancing Market
  1. Bangla Article writing

This job is for those who are looking for pure Bangladeshi online jobs. You can earn money by writing Bengali articles in different newspapers in our country. To mail your content, you have to collect the mail address from the contact option of their websites.

There are some popular Bengali blogs and most of them pay to write Bangla articles on their sites. You can also get jobs from Facebook jobs, Bangladeshi freelancing sites, and Facebook groups. Such content writing groups are:

  • Content Writers in Bangladesh,
  • Freelance writers, Bangladesh,
  • Content Writer Group BD etc.

All types of Bengali and English content writing jobs are offered in these groups including translation, transcribing, and affiliate content.

15. Earn money from selling e-books

Since the majority of students are subject matter experts, students can make money online by writing and selling e-books online.

If you correctly advertise your books, the profits from those sales won’t be any smaller.

Your published e-books can be advertised and sold by being promoted on blog sites, social media platforms, and YouTube channels.

16. Earn money from the Facebook page

online income in Bangladesh for students by Facebook Page

Students from Bangladesh can make money online by starting a Facebook business page. There are many ways to monetize your Facebook page, including video publishing, affiliate marketing, F-Commerce And direct product promotion.

Before you begin earning money, you must have a sizable number of Facebook page likes and followers.

Additionally, the Facebook Marketplace offers a fantastic chance for online goods sales. So, you can earn money by selling goods and services on the Facebook marketplace.

17. Sells courses online

Selling an online course is an easy way to make money for students if you are an expert in any field. You can easily construct your course based on your abilities using the platforms that sell online courses.

Additionally, you can start a private Facebook group to sell your premium courses. By providing Zoom live classes, you can even draw in students. To be effective, however, you can increase your publicity by providing some free courses, and for a higher conversion rate, you should build a portfolio of your prior work and experience.

The following are the top online course marketplaces:

  • Udemy
  • Skillshare
  • Bohubrihi
  • 10 Minute School

18. Data Entry

A data entry job can be your best option if you’re wondering how to make money online in Bangladesh as a student without the necessary qualifications for the jobs stated above.

You must enter data into data entry in an appropriate manner. Each client has a different working cap.

Since it doesn’t involve any special skills, this is a good way for Bangladeshi students to make money online.

Workers who enter data are typically paid by the hour. Jobs for data entry can be found on websites like;

  • Upwork
  • People per hour
  • Fiverr
  • Smart Crowd
  • Sigtrack, etc.

19. Online Audio Transcribing Job

A transcriptionist’s responsibility in audio transcribing work is to convert the audio into a text file as in the data entry work. Usually, these text files are later included in the video as subtitles.

Online transcription jobs can pay up to $10 per hour on average. In essence, your writing speed will determine your earnings.

Jobs for audio transcription can be found on numerous freelance websites, including;

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Belancer
  • Facebook Jobs and Group
  • LinkedIn, etc.

20. Online SEO Expert

online income for Bangladeshi students as SEO expert

Search Engine Optimization, known as SEO, is one of the most successful and long-lasting forms of digital marketing.

In search engine results, a website or blog can be ranked by a skilled SEO practitioner. Numerous additional SEO-related operations are also open, including;

  • Backlink creation
  • On-page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Keyword research
  • Page Speed ​​Optimization, etc.

Website owners can employ an SEO specialist for just on-page SEO, for the entire SEO strategy of the website, or both.

Therefore, the project’s completion time could range from 2-3 days to 1 month. Additionally, your pay is based on how long the project is.

If you don’t know SEO, you can learn it first by doing a free SEO course. Work as an intern on any popular websites, and then you start bidding in the market.

SEO Jobs can be found on-

  • Upwork
  • Guru
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • Facebook Group (SEO Community Bangladesh)

Last word on online money income for students in Bangladesh

There are numerous possibilities to earn money online in Bangladesh. But to earn money online in Bangladesh as a student these 20 options are more appropriate as they require less time to invest. I have mentioned numerous Ways to Earn Money by Mobile in this article too. You can look into these options and choose the one that most closely matches your preferences.

The online world has expanded quickly in recent years. The sooner the internet world becomes popular in the future, the more likely you will use any strategy to achieve financial independence.

I’m assuming you’ve already figured out how to earn money online in Bangladesh as a student. Please let me know which option you plan to choose for online money income for students in Bangladesh.

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