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Are you looking for Bangla article writing sites to earn money? If you want to know how to earn money through Bangla Content Writing in Bangladesh and receive Payments on bkash, you are reading the right article now.

Writing articles is one of the most renowned professions in the world of freelancing. Although Online income by Bangla article writing is not yet common.

If you have ever visited a freelancing site, you can see how many articles are being bought and sold. An English article on author and writing quality sell for 5 to 100 dollars, in some cases up to $1,000.

Of course, you will not get so much money from Bangla content writing. However, as the number of Bangla blog sites is increasing day by day, the scope of writing on Bangla blog sites and earning income by writing Bangla articles is also increasing.

Unfortunately, many talented Bengali writers are just posting their writings on Facebook or other social media. If they published these articles on a Bangla article writing site, the Bengali database would be enriched, and some side income would also come.

You may ask me, how to earn money by Bangla content writing in Bangladesh! is it really possible? or,  is there any trustworthy site to earn money by Bangla article writing?

You are right. Why should I work if I am not guaranteed to get paid for working? So today, I will tell you about 6 trustworthy sites to make income online by writing Bangla articles, from which you can take Payment by BKash.

Bangla Article Writing Sites

I wanted to inform you about 10 Bangla content writing sites, but pratiborton does not share any information without verification.

So, I could not find a trustworthy site No. 7 to earn online income by writing Bangla articles. It is easy to guess how few articles are written in Bengali.

We are going to discuss these 6 Bangla Article Writing Sites:

  • Techtunes
  • Grathor
  • Income Tunes
  • Ordinary IT
  • JIT
  • pratiborton.com

1) Bangla Article Writing Site – Techtunes

bangla article writing

The biggest social media in Bangla is Techtunes. There is currently no bigger blog site in Bengali than Techtunes. Talented writers run this site from different parts of Bangladesh.

Techtunes can be called the indicator to earning money by writing articles in Bengali. So if you want to start online income from Bangladesh by writing, you can write on Techtunes.

Articles can be written on any topic on Techtunes. As I said before, Techtunes is a social media. Here you can write about any topic.

In addition to sharing tuner articles on Techtunes, you can publish ‘Video Tune’ by uploading a video, ‘Audio Tune’ by uploading audio, ‘Link Tune’ by sharing a link, Tune status by uploading status and ‘Photo Tune’ by sharing a photo.

In addition to earning money by writing articles, you will have the opportunity to promote your own YouTube channel.

How much money you can make on Techtunes?

From Techtunes, you can earn from 100 to a maximum of 2500 taka per article. However, you won’t get this money from the first article. You have to be a trusted tuner to make money from TechTunes.

How to be a trusted writer?

Ten articles must be published following the guidelines of Techtunes. Initially, you will not receive money for these ten articles, but James will be credited to the account. After publishing ten articles, you have to apply for a trusted badge.

If the application is approved, the money will be credited directly to the account for your subsequent articles. You can convert your previously deposited gems into cash when withdrawing money.

2) Bangla Content writing site – Grathor

Nowadays, Grathor has quickly become very popular among the sites that offer to make online income by writing in Bangla.

Grathor pays according to the value of your article. Each article must be at least 350 words.

Content can be written on any topic in Grathor

Like TechTunes, you can write almost all kinds of articles in Grathor. Some of the main topics of the website are:

  • News
  • Tutorial
  • Blog
  • Stories, poems
  • Freelancing
  • Entertainment
  • Sports

If you want to earn money by writing Bangla story poems, you can write in Grathor. Also here you can write about different offers.

In addition to earning money by writing articles, you can do campaign work with referral and affiliate marketing links here so that your online passive income will continue to grow.

How much online income is possible?

Initially, You can earn 8 to 50 taka per article in Grathor. However, if you are a VIP member, you will get 10 to 100 taka. Income will grow on the number of views.

If any visitors view your article, more money will be added to your account. Moreover, you can earn money from Grathor by referring your friends.

In addition, you can earn money by visiting every day, reading articles, sharing, and completing various tasks.

Payment system

To withdraw money, one has to have one thousand taka in the normal account. For VIP members, you can take Payment only if you have 800 taka.

Payment Method: you can withdraw with bKash, Rocket and bank accounts.

3) writing Bangla articles on Income Tunes

As you can understand from the name, IncomeTunes is a site related to online income. So the topic of your article writing is Limited. That is, you can only write about different ways to earn money online and freelancing.

You will get 10 taka for each of the normal posts. If the article is unique, you can get 50-100 taka.

Other Ways of online income from IncomeTunes

You can earn by referring. 5 aka per referral. If he signup, you will get an extra 3 taka. You will get money even if you comment and read the post. Besides, you will get an anniversary bonus of 20 taka.

Withdraw Policy

Balance: If you have 500BDT in the account, you can withdraw.

Payment Method: bKash / Rocket / Cash and withdraw money by recharging on mobile.

4) Bangla article writing site – Ordinary IT

All of the above site work was contract-based, but writing articles in ordinary IT is a freelancing job. In Ordinary IT, you can write an article and work for a salary of BDT 3,000 to 8,000 per month.

To work in ordinary IT, you need to acquire skills. The site will offer you a 7-day course to become proficient (compulsory), but you can complete it in 2 days.

You have to pay a fee of 1000 taka to do the course. Though You will receive a refund of the course fee along with the first month’s salary.

You have to submit 30 articles every month on Ordinary IT. No need to go to the office, you can do the freelancing job from anywhere in Bangladesh.

They will provide you with the article titles to write on their specific menus, but you will also have the opportunity to choose the topic on your own. Learn more about Content Writing Freelancing Jobs in Ordinary IT.

5) Bangla blog writing with JIT

bangla content writingJIT is another popular tech blog in Bangladesh. It would help to online income here if you have experience in writing.

You can write on several topics such as online income, blogging or website and youtube related tips and tutorials, software, tips & tricks, mobile technology and science content.

Article writing rules:
  • Articles must be copy-free
  • Write the content of at least 350 words
  • The language of the article will be Bangla
Payment system and method:

You will not receive any direct payment for writing articles in JIT. However, you can earn as much as you want.

No wonder, by counting the article views, money will continue to accumulate in your account. You will get 500 taka for every 1000 unique views.

The minimum amount to withdraw is 100 taka, you can take payment on Bkash or Rocket.

6) Make money online BD by writing with Pratiborton

The site you are reading is not very old, but it has already become trustworthy. We have introduced an instant payment system for writers on the site, which will never stop, InshaAllah.

Money will be credited to your account within 2 hours of each article being published.

Rules for writing articles in Pratiborn:
  • Posts must be 100% copy-free.
  • The article must have 700 words or more.
What about income?
  • You will get 30 taka for each article of 700 words or more.
  • You will get 50 taka for a 1000+ word article. ( for special listed writes it would be 75/-)
  • As the world grows, so does the amount of Payment.
  • Pratiborton provides contract work (for other sites) to the best writers, and for this, we pay much more.

Last word on the article writing site

I have discussed the 6 trustworthy Bengla article writing sites, and every site is different from the others. But, you can receive bKash Payment by Bangla writing articles from every site.

And of course, You don’t have to worry if they Pay or not. So now you can decide where you want to make online income BD by Bangla content writing.

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  1. Thanks Bro Apnar Likha Gula porlam Janlam Khoob Valo Laglo. Kon Kon Kajer Jonno Kot Taka Pay Korben Sheta o Jan Te Parlam . Ami Article Writing er Bepare Apnake Knock Korbo.

  2. Thanks Bro Apnar Likha Gula porlam Janlam Khoob Valo Laglo. Kon Kon Kajer Jonno Kot Taka Pay Korben Sheta o Jan Te Parlam . Ami Article Writing er Bepare Apnake Knock Korbo.

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