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All Bangla Blog site list

Want to know the information in Bengali but don’t know about the All Bangla blog site in Bangladesh? So we have made the best Bangla blog site list.

There are millions of blogs in English and other languages, and our Bengali language is not far behind. There are many bloggers now who are blogging in Bangla. Especially since the beginning of the income path by creating Bangla Blog, the Bangla blog site list has begun to increase.

Blogging has become very easy today because of WordPress and Blogspot. So the number of websites, as well as blogs, is not very low. These blogs are the main source of information on the Internet at present.

Google’s annual report also shows that more and more Bengalis are searching in Bangla to get the information they need, which means that our tendency to search in English has decreased.

We need to know about the best Bangla blog site for our own needs to easily visit these Bangla blog sites to find out the solution to our problems or the necessary information.

Everyone can’t read an article in an English language blog or understand information and tutorials as easily as possible in a Bangla blog.

However, not all blogs are trustworthy and standard, so you need to know about the popular Bangla blog. Let’s learn about some of the best Bangla blogs.

All Bangla Blog Sites in Bangladesh

In this article about our best Bengali blog list, we will try to touch every sector (Bangla technology Blog, health, blogging, lifestyle, PC help, tutorials, gadgets, stories, Islamic Blog, etc.) to find out the solution you need.

So let’s take a look at which is the first site in the Best Bangla blog site list.

[Disclaimer: In listing the best Bangla blogs, we did not prioritize any order of popularity]

Bangla Multi-Niche Blog site

1. hoicoibangla

One of the best Bangla blogs in the multi-niche category. Its article has gained popularity very quickly due to its writing style, quality and simplicity. Although different authors write articles in the blog, they try to keep the publication style the same.

Initially, the name was Tech Trainee, but later it was changed to

Anyone can register on the blog before, but now they don’t have that facility. However, you can also apply for mail or a Facebook page to write with them.

  • Alexa Rank (Bangladesh / World): 1,971 / 253,543
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 9,790+
  • Main Categories: Blogging, Online Income, Tech Trends, Mobile, PC Help, Reviews, Gadgets, Health, Living Life, Sports, etc.

2. Blogger Bangladesh

If you are blogging on but you think you can’t succeed on! So if you are thinking of coming to WordPress, then this blog can be an inspiration for you.

It is much more popular than any personal blog in Bangladesh. If you visit, you can see the post’s comments ‍numbers, and you will understand how popular the blog is.

This blog has topped many popular search queries, and organic traffic is the main visitor source of this popular Bengali blog.

  • Alexa Rank (Bangladesh / World): 1,759 / 220,508
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 34,554+
  • Main category: Blogging, SEO, Online Revenue, Technology News. Job circular, Story, Poem, Love quotes, etc.

Here is the top 9 General Bangla Blog Site list

General Bangla Blog List

Blog Address

Hoicoi Bangla

Blogger Bangladesh

With Bangla

Trick Blog

FB Help

Bangla Vibe

Note Khata

Bangla Hub


Bangla Blog Site in Technology


This blog has shown that much more income is possible by blogging in Bengali. is one of the oldest and most popular Bengali blogs in Bangladesh. Various articles on blogging are published on various topics such as technologies, tutorials, tips and tricks.

Attempts have been made to establish the blog as a social site. Due to this, besides the article, there is also an opportunity to publish various YouTube videos or status updates.

This is a freelance Bangla article-writing site too. Anyone can create an account and get the opportunity to publish articles here. However, to maintain the quality of the article, a trusted author badge is provided, and there is no opportunity to publish the article and earn income until the badge is achieved.

Due to the popularity of the blog and the high domain authority, many bloggers do guest blogging to create backlinks and increase traffic on Techtunes.

  • Alexa Rank (Bangladesh / World): 1,192 / 106,178
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 106,788+
  • Main Category: Blogging, Online Income, Technology, Android, Reviews, Gadgets, Tricks & Tips, etc.

2. PC Builder BD

Do you want to build a PC as you like? visit for tutorials, reviews and updates.

This Bangla blog has gained popularity in Bengali for various computer-related updates. There are many articles in the blog about which laptop will be the best in your budget or how to build the best configuration computer within a certain amount of money.

You will also get updates on which PC laptop is being launched or which new product will come in the market in this best Bangla Tech blog about computers.

  • Alexa Rank (Bangladesh / World): 1,087 / 208,590
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 38,433+
  • Main Category: PC Building, Gaming, PC Purchase Guide, Smartphone, Components.

3. Trick BD

Like Techtunes, is another very popular Bangla blog site in Bangladesh. The current Alexa Rank shows this is one of the best Bangla blogs in Bangladesh.

The blog publishes articles on tips and tricks, internet tips, WordPress, blogging, mobile, android, apps reviews, tutorials, etc.

About 15 thousand articles have already been published and are still being made. You can also write and publish articles as a trainer on this popular blog Bangladesh. (Currently not accepting new author)

  • Alexa Rank (Bangladesh / World): 246 / 48,804
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 6302+
  • Main Category: Windows, PC, WordPress, Technology Update, Lifestyle, Education, Taxes, Reviews, Android, etc.

4. Bangladesh gamer

Do you love to play games? Want to know about a new computer or mobile game? Or looking for tips to increase your gaming level? Then is the best Bangla blog website for you.

Here you will find tips about various games as well as information about gaming PCs and mobiles. There are also various tips to download different paid games for free.

  • Alexa Rank (Bangladesh / World): 7,574 / 580,189
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 1,153+
  • Main category: Gaming Mobile, Gaming Peace Build, Computer Games

5. BanglaTech

People who work with online income or blogs are not unfamiliar with this blog. Although Rahul Das Dada is an Indian, this blog is not from Bangladesh. But this blog is at the peak of popularity among Bangla blogs.

The tagline of the blog is ‘Best Bangla Technology Blog’. Looking at the traffic of the personal blog and the position of Google, it seems that he has chosen the right tagline.

  • Alexa Rank (Bangladesh / World): 1,094 / 129,247
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 23,166+
  • Main category: Blogging, YouTube, Online Income, Internet Tips, Computer.

Here is the 20 Blog site List in Technology;

Bangla Tech Blog List

Blog Address



Bangla Tech24

Bangla Tech

Tuner Page

Wire BD

PC Builder

Techno Bong

Net Kotha

Tech Barta

N Shamim

Online Income

Any Tech


Ordinary IT

Notun Blog


Tech Master


Hello Computer

Bangla Question and Answer Blog


Do you often have questions? Can’t find the right answer anywhere? Then create an account on Bangladesh’s popular Q&A blog site

In addition to answering questions, there is also the opportunity to write your blog.

Chocolate, coffee or burgers are available as valuable gifts by answering questions in this popular Bangla forum blog. In other words, along with the distribution of knowledge, you will also make passive income.

  • Alexa Rank (Bangladesh / World): 488 / 85,709
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 43,754+
  • Main Category: Since it is a question-and-answer site, there is no specific category targeted.

2. Maya Blog

Maya blog site ( is a healthcare app and website for women.

Without mentioning the name in the app, any woman can find a solution by highlighting any of her (physical, mental, social or family, etc.) problems. Advice from various experienced and specialist doctors is also available.

Although the blog is focused on women and children, the health awareness posts can be followed by anyone. The blog also discusses women’s awareness, rights, and laws for women.

Although Maya Blog is not as popular in that sense as the other blogs, it seems to be the most important blog for our best Bangla Blog site list due to the quality of content and articles.

  • Alexa Rank (Bangladesh / World): 13,349 / 654,833
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 2,117+
  • Main categories: Law and Justice, Adolescent Health, Child Care, Pregnancy Hygiene, Birth Control, Violence Against Women, Menstruation, Psychosocial, Cyber Crime, etc.

3. Quora Bangla

Want to float in the sea of knowledge? Then you should join now. What do you like about it? Space science, philosophy, open discussion, chat or something else?

You will find everything you like and need on this Q&A site. This best international site is very new in Bengali, and if you know more languages, you can join them too.

In Quora, you can ask experts to answer any of your questions, there is a space on all topics where different blogs are written, and the best answers on those topics are shared.

  • Alexa Rank (Bangladesh / World): 89/383
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 164,422+
  • Main Category: There is no category limitation or dominance.

Top 7 Bangla Question Answer Blog list:

Bangla Question Answer Blog

Blog Address



Ask Proshno




Answer Bangla

Islamic Bangla Blog – Islamic Q&A

If you are a Muslim, we should all regularly visit an Islamic Bangla blog to increase the scope of religious discipline and knowledge.

Although there are many good Islamic Bangla blogs, you can see that most blogs are not publishing any new articles. Alhamdulillah, we have found for you an active and popular Islamic Bangla blog

  • Alexa Rank (Bangladesh / World): 10,910 / 1,642,995
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 447+
  • Main category: Islamic discussions on various topics and questions and answers on Islam, Hadith and Qur’an.

Top 7 Islamic Bangla blog sites:

Bangla Islamic Blog Name

Blog Address

Bangla Hadis

Monthly Al kawser


Islami Question Answer

Imam Batayon

Ahle Haqq

Islamic Alo

Bangla Golpo Kobita Blog Site List

After Newspaper Blog, Bangla Golpo kobita, story blogs are more popular niches. Though there are plenty of story blogs, not all of them are maintaining quality and regularity.

But no worries! We have made a list of some awesome Bangla golpo kobita blogs. Here we go.


GolpoKobita seems to be a community forum for readers and new writers rather than a blog in Bangla. is a Bengali blog for those who love to read stories, poems or write poems and stories.

This Bangla blog publishes a monthly magazine every month. The blog also has monthly competitions and prizes.

  • Alexa Rank (Bangladesh / World): 6,076 / 686,634
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 21,314+
  • Main category: stories, poems

Most Popular Bangla Golpo Kobita Blog list:

Bangla Golpo Kobita Blog

Blog Address

Bangla Kobita

Banglar Kobita


Golpo Kobita

Kobita Cocktail

Poetry State

Golpo Kobitar Kutir

Best Bangla Blog Site list

1. Business Blog – Flop to hit

Although it is one of the most popular blogs in Bangla, no Bangladeshi blogger writes here, and it is one of the best Bangla blogs written by Indian Bengalis.

Articles are published with various business ideas and business tips and Startups.

Those who are thinking of starting a new business, or looking for ways to improve their business, can follow the blog.

  • Alexa Rank (Bangladesh / World): 17,339 / 344,498
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 6302+
  • Main Category: Startup News, Business Ideas, Business Tips.

2. Mysterious Blog – Why or When

‘ – What, Why, How’ is an exceptional best mysterious Bangla blog. Not too long ago it’s been started, but the main reason behind the list of the popular Best blog is its subject matter.

We may ask ourselves every day, Hey! Why is this? How is this possible? Or what is this thing?

Although he was interested to know, he did not become known later. There are two reasons for this, lack of details or linguistic barriers.

The blog is arranged with the answers to these questions of yours and mine.

Once you enter, the questions in your mind will wake up once more, and your mind may say, hey! I have always wanted to know about this.

If you know any such answer, you can submit it in writing, or if you can’t find the answer to any question, you can submit it to the blog. The blog will publish an article on that later.

  • Alexa Rank (Bangladesh / World): 27,339 / 2,775,181
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 10,000+
  • Main Category: What, Why, How.

Some other top popular Bangla blogs:

Popular Bangla Blog

Blog Address

Flop to hit

Why or When

Roar Bangla


Bangladesh Gamer

Web Bangla

Wikipedia Bangla

Last word on All Bangla Blog Site list

Apart from these 14 popular Bangla blogs above, Bangladeshi bloggers have many more good blogs. Still, our main purpose was to inform them about some of the best-quality blogs in all categories. It was not possible to say about all the good blogs even if there was a wish.

Besides, we did not follow any order or category in making the list of the best Bangala blogs. We arranged it randomly.

Hope you like our list of popular Bangla blogs, and these Bangla blog sites will come in handy in the future.

Finally, I will say one thing,

Do not neglect the Bengali language obtained in exchange for blood. Even if we don’t remember the blogger’s name (who is blogging in the mother tongue that we got with blood), we must know the name of the Bangla blog created by them.

Search in Bengali as a reader. Write in Bengali for Bangladeshi as a blogger from Bangladesh.

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