bKash cash out charge rate : Only 14.9 tk per thousand

bKash cash out charge

Dependent upon a condition bKash cash out charge rate is Only 14.9 tk per thousand taka cash out from bKash. Basically, the bkash cash-out charge is 18.50 taka for 1000 taka. But bKash customers can cash out from only one Priyo agent number at this 1.49 per cent charge rate. That means bkash charges 14.90 taka for 1000 taka cash out each time.

This 1.49 per cent bKash cash-out charge rate is applicable for only 25,000 Taka each month from a single agent, which is called priyo agent. So, a bKash consumer should be aware of all possible cash-out charges, right?

Ok, no problem I am here to help you to know about the bKash cash-out charge by dialling *247#, bKash cash out charge with the app, from the ATM booth and priyo agent point in 2022.

bKash Cash Out Charge in 2022

There are three methods to cash out from bKash. Depending on the method, the bKash cash-out charge rate will vary.

bKash cash-out methods are:

  1. Cash out with the bKash app
  2. Cash-out without app/by USSD code, and
  3. ATM

1. bKash cash out charge by the app

bKash has its mobile banking app. By using the app, the bkash cash out charge is 18.5 taka per thousand taka. This means a 1.85% charge rate will be applied for cashing out from any agent.

2. bKash cash out charge without app

If you don’t have the bKash app, you can cash out by dialling the bKash code *247#

bKash cash out charge without the app is the same as with the app method now, and it’s 1.85%. So, it will also charge 18.5 taka for 1000 taka cash out.

3. bkash cash out charge from atm

Now we have a provision to cash out from the Brac Bank ATM booth and it cost less cash out charge.

The bkash cash out charge rate from ATM booth is 1.49%.  That means the bKash cash out charge from ATM is 14.9 taka per 1000. But, You have to cash out at least 3000 taka if you want to withdraw from ATM.

bKash cash out method

cash out charge (per 1000 tk)

Cash out from Agent

18.5 tk

Cash out from Agent with app

18.5 tk

Cash out from priyo agent

14.9 tk

Cash out from ATM

14.9 tk

bKash cash out charge is reduced to 14.9 taka per thousand tk

Actually, you can reduce your bkash cash out charge by adding a priyo agent which will charge only 14.9 taka per thousand taka cash out from bKash. You can add one priyo agent each month. To change your priyo agent you have to one calendar month.

How to add priyo bKash agent by dialling *247#:

  • Dial *247#
  • Select Cash out (5)
  • Now select ‘set priyo agent (4)
  • Enter agent number
  • Now enter your bKash pin

How to add priyo bKash agent with the app:

You can set bKash priyo agent by using the bKash app too. Follow the steps below to add Priyo bKash agent;

  • Login to the bKash app
  • Now tap on Cash out
  • Tap to cash out at the. 14.90 per thousand
  • Enter agent Number
  • Enter Your bKash pin.

This reduced bkash cash-out charge will be applied to 25000 taka per month.

I hope, Now you know all about the bKash cash out charge rate in 2022. If you are still confused about bKash cash out charge, then use the bKash cash-out charge calculator and calculate the total cost. You may become interested in the Rocket and Nagad mobile banking system, which has many more features and a low charge rate.

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