Rocket cash out charge reduced to 16.70 tk!

Rocket Cash Out Charge

As a new Rocket user who wants to open a Rocket account, many customers ask to know about Rocket Cash Out Charge. Rocket cash out charge varies on cash-out methods. So, there is a chance to save cash out charge of the rocket. In that case, you must have knowledge about Rocket cash out charge per thousand tk in different methods. Do you also need to know how much the rocket cash out charges in 2023?

Don’t worry, I am here to let you know about the Rocket cash-out charges in all methods in sha Allah.

Rocket cash out charge in 2023

There are 3 ways to cash out from the rocket account, and the rocket cash out Charge will depend on which method you use to cash out.

Not only that, there are two types of Rocket accounts, namely Rocket Personal and Rocket Salary Account. Rocket cash out charge Varies on account type too. No worries, I will let you know the cash-out charges for both personal and salary rocket accounts.

Ways of cash out from the Rocket account:

  • From Rocket Agent
  • From ATM of Dutch Bangla Bank
  • From any branch of Dutch Bangla Bank

Since a customer can cash out in 3 ways from a rocket account, we will inform you about the cash-out Charge for each method in sha Allah.

1. Rocket cash out charge at agent point

Rocket Personal Account Cash Out Charge:

Rocket cash out charge is 16.70 taka for 1000 when you cash out from Rocket Agent Point.

In other words, the Rocket cash out charge is 1.67% of the transaction amount from the rocket agent.

Rocket Salary Account Cash Out Charge:

For Rocket Salary account holders, it will Charge only Tk 9 per thousand to cash out from Rocket Agent Point.

In other words, if you cash out 1000 taka to the rocket agent, a total of 1009 taka will be deducted.

2. Rocket cash out charge from ATM booth

Rocket Personal Account Cash-out charge from ATM:

As a Rocket customer, you can cash out at a low Charge from all Dutch Bangla Bank ATM booths in Bangladesh.

If you withdraw cash from the Rocket account at an ATM or Branch of Dutch Bangla Bank, the cash-out Charge will be only 9 takas per thousand.

In other words, to cash out 1000 taka from Rocket from an ATM booth, you need to have 1009 taka in your account, which is much less than the charge at the agent point.

However, you will not be able to cash out less than 500 takas from the ATM booth. You can’t even withdraw 600, 700, or 1200 taka from an ATM. Always need to withdraw an amount which is multiplied by 500. Such as 500, 1000, and 1500 taka.

Rocket Salary Account Cash Out Charge from ATM:

Rocket Salary account holders can cash out any amount of money from any Dutch Bangla Bank ATM booth without any charge!

Yeah, that sounds pretty hah! However, for the salary account holders also have to withdraw money multiplied by 500.

3. Rocket cash out charge at the Dutch Bangla Bank branch office

Rocket Personal account Cash out charge at brunch office:

Rocket cash out charge is Tk 9 per thousand from the Dutch Bangla Bank branch office. You can cash out a minimum of 20 takas from the Dutch Bangla branch office.

Rocket Salary Account cash out charge at brunch office:

All DBBL branch offices will charge only 10 takas for cashing out any amount of money from the Rocket account. That is, whether you cash out 100, 1000 or 10000 thousand takas, the charge is always 10 taka.

Let’s take a look at the chart of Rocket cash out charges for personal and salary accounts:


Rocket Cash out charge for General Consumer Product

Rocket Cash out charge for Salary and Stipend Product

Cash-out at Agent

1.67% of transaction Amount

0.9% of transaction Amount

Cash-out at DBBL branches

0.9% of transaction Amount

TK. 10 per transaction Amount

Cash-out from DBBL ATM

0.9% of transaction Amount


Last word on Rocket cash out charge

Dutch Bangla Bank’s Mobile Banking System is known as Rocket. Rocket is the first mobile banking service in Bangladesh also. Although bKash and nagad have earned a lot of popularity at present, Rocket is still in a strong position due to its various services and benefits.

Now you know Rocket cash out charge in detail. I hope you have found this article helpful. Anything more you need to know, just comment below.

Have a Good day, Ta-da.

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